Deborah’s Story – Thyroid Cancer, Hysterectomy

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How I got my life back . . . there was a time, when I was so unhappy and depressed that even my immediate family members did not like being around me!! I was only eleven years old, but had already begun to experience hormonal ups and downs and it was discovered that I had inherited some thyroid problems.

I had thyroid surgery at the age of twelve, the surgeons found that there were cancerous growths on my thyroid gland and it was not functioning correctly. I was put on a synthetic thyroid replacement drug and grew several inches taller that year, but still was not the most pleasant person to be around with mood swings at every turn!  At age 19, after giving birth to my second child, my physician explained that my uterus had not gone back into place after the delivery and would require immediate removal. I was placed on synthetic hormone replacement at that time.  The moods were better, but relationships not easy to maintain.

The straw that finally broke the camel’s back was, within a year of undergoing emergency surgery at the age 50 to remove 18 inches of my intestine that were blocked, no one thought to treat me for the yeast overgrowth causing the blockage.  I began to gain weight, and a lot of it, developing a foggy feeling in my head and thought my life was about over . . . that is when traveling for my job.  I read an article written by Dr. Hotze and began to research his method of treatment.  I was told by my husband that they were probably “quacks”, but I set up my initial appointment anyway – taking him with me!  I was treated like a person, not a number or a dollar sign, everyone listened to what I was saying, what a change!!  I was instantly taken off the synthetic drugs I had been on my entire life (never having the dosage changed from the original) and put on the natural replacement hormones and natural thyroid replacement tablet along with supplements and their yeast free diet . . I lost 30 pounds within the first few months, lost the “foggy” feeling in my head and now 1 ½ years later, my life is back.  I feel like I am 30 years old (people are always confusing me as my grandkids’ mother), my sex life is better than when I was thirty, and the moods – I am so mellow it is amazing (my immediate family are a big part of my life).

My deepest thanks go to Dr. Hotze and his wonderful group.  Keep up the wonderful work you do (my husband has the new book and refers his friends’ wives to the office every chance he gets).