Jean’s Story – Painful Migraine Headaches

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It felt like a hammer was pounding my head from the inside out, and the pressure from the inside would cause my head to explode. I was lying on the floor clutching a pillow over my head, rocking back and forth. The room could not get dark enough, cold enough, quiet enough. Every throb in my head sent a new wave of nausea through my body, and as I was shaking and crying I looked up to my night table contemplating swallowing the entire bottle of sleeping pills, plus whatever other pills I could get my hands around, since the latest “medically prescribed wonder drug for migraines” was once again having no effect on me. The doctors were attempting to treat the symptom of the headaches, but they had not a clue as to how to treat the real problem.
I look back and it amazes me that what I have described was my life, or lack thereof, before I found Hotze two years ago. It was not even a life, it was some semblance of a mere existence, but I most certainly was not living. I could not hold a job; I could not be a wife to my husband or a mother to my children. At the time, I spent my days, if not in pain, in fear of when the pain would come again. It was inevitable to me, every month, for a week or more, I would fight a battle for my life, hoping the pain did not kill me, sometimes wishing it did. Then my husband found Hotze.
To be honest, I did not want to hope that there was the possibility Hotze promised. I had been let down too many times before, but after I had my first visit at Hotze, not only did I hope, but I believed in what would eventually become truth – they could help me. The first thing that struck me was the ability of the doctors and nurses to LISTEN to me. They heard what I experienced, and more disbelievingly, they UNDERSTOOD what I experienced, as many of the people had stories similar to mine – migraines since being a teenager, progressing in severity and duration, with the exception of stopping completely during pregnancy. But, for them the migraines stopped…and for me they would, too!
The major difference is Hotze treats me, not a symptom. During their testing and evaluation, the doctors determined that my adrenal system and thyroid system were shutting down and my allergies were severe.  Despite numerous consultations and testing with traditional doctors these systems were ignored and therefore not treated.
Migraines, I learned, are caused by and affect the entire body, sending my hormones and chemistry into a never-ending cycle of overcompensating and reacting. The Hotze doctors treated me using bio-identical hormones and rebalancing my system. As I continue working with the doctors, my migraines have not only lessened in intensity, but they appear less frequently, and for less time. I am off the heavy medications I had previously been on, finally thinking clearly and functioning healthily for the first time in decades.
Now I have what many people consider a “normal” life. I am on the golf course, I participate in yoga, I work, and most importantly, I can spend time with my family again, instead of weeks in bed. Words on paper can not articulate the drastic change this treatment has made on my life, or the balance I have regained due to the insight and knowledge of the doctors and staff at Hotze. All I can say is: Hotze gave me, and my family, my life back.

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Written By: STEVEN F. HOTZE, M.D.

Steven F. Hotze, M.D., is the founder and CEO of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Hotze Vitamins and Physicians Preference Pharmacy International, LLC.