Jillian’s Story – Thyroid Cancer, Synthroid

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Where do I start? How I got my life back is a pretty in depth matter. I am so anxious to share my story with others, and this is a perfect way for me to do it.

Thirty years ago, I developed a thyroid problem. I had been on medication for many years with no problems.  One day in July of ‘04, I went to see a new endocrinologist, as mine had retired from Yale.  My appointment was not with the doctor, but with her nurse, for a prescription for my thyroid meds. The doctor walked by and liked my purse and asked me who I was.  When I told her I was a new patient and came in for a prescription, she said, “Come into my office, and let me take a look at you.” Twenty minutes later, after she did a sonogram on my neck, she told me she wanted a biopsy. The next day I had that done, and a few days later I got the call.  Thyroid Cancer. I had just buried my father two weeks earlier, so talk about being thrown into another world?  UNREAL!!

Ok. So I had my surgery, and the new doctor put me on Synthroid, a medicine I had not taken in my 30 years of treatment. Little did I know my problems were just beginning. First, the radioactive iodine they gave me after the surgery did damage to my salivary glands and taste buds. Between being on the WRONG meds and having radiation poisoning, I was a complete mess! My entire life fell apart.

I finally found out why the Synthroid was not doing it for me, where upon I found a doctor that would allow me to go back on my old medicine. I started to feel somewhat better, but not whole.  Then I found a doctor that could help me with my salivary glands, and she worked wonders!  I felt I was almost home, but not 100 percent.

One morning in November of 2005, while having my breakfast, my husband and I tuned in to our local news, Channel 6, here in Connecticut.  There was Dr. Hotze talking about his new book.  Everything he was saying seemed as if he was talking straight to me! I got up from the breakfast table, and went online to find out where this doctor was! It took me all of ten minutes to find the website, call and speak to one of the wonderful assistants at the clinic, and make my arrangements for going to Houston! A few days later, we flew from Hartford to Houston. Due to the fact that I was now a “guest” and not a patient, it was first class all the way!!!

The next morning when arriving at the clinic, I was very surprised to see 7 other people waiting to be seen….7 MEN!!! This doctor was onto something wonderful, I could just sense it!  All of the women were so professional and caring. It was such a world of difference to me. My day was filled with testing, interviews and, of course, meeting my wonderful new Dr. Sheridan. Dr. Sheridan started me on my way to regaining my life. He put me on all new bioidentical hormones, along with many supplements.  I started the new medications before I even left the clinic that day!  By the time we were ready to return to Connecticut (we stayed 2 extra days to relax in Houston), I was feeling much, much better; I could see such a difference in just that short time.  Since being home, I have had numerous calls from the clinic to check up on me and my needs, not to mention the appointments over the phone with Dr. Sheridan.

I cannot thank Dr. Hotze enough for creating this fabulous clinic. I do not really care if I win some contest, as fabulous as the prizes sound; I just want to thank everyone at your clinic that was involved in my recovery.  I feel better and better, and I tell everyone I know about the Hotze clinic and how it gave me back my life. I think there should be a Hotze clinic in EVERY BIG CITY IN AMERICA!!!

Thank you all again for your kindness and concern, you have helped me more than you will ever know. I am so grateful.
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