Joint Pain and Fatigue – Glynn’s Story

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My name is Glynn, and I am only 59 years old.  Not too long ago I felt like I was 109.

Prior to July 21, 2005 (the day of my first appointment at the Hotze Wellness Center), my life on a scale from 1 – 10 was around a 3 and declining quickly. Each day, I dragged myself out of bed to the couch and stayed there until shortly before noon, at which time I got up, and with all the energy I could gather, emptied the dishwasher and put two frozen meals in the microwave before my husband came home for lunch.  Then back to the couch where I stayed until I ‘fixed’ dinner:  two more boxes from the freezer. Going out of the house was next to impossible.  If I did try to go to the grocery store, my husband had to drive me, and I was wiped out by the second aisle.

When my second grandson was born, I felt too bad to get on a plane to go see him. This about broke my heart.   For years I had looked forward to being a grandmother – to holding and rocking grandbabies, to taking them to the park, to playing games on the floor as they grew older.  But, phone calls and pictures became the extent of my interaction with my two small grandsons.  I was missing all the joys of being a grandmother just when they finally arrived.  And I could not help it.

I felt so sick and tired that I would not let my dearest friends visit.  I would not even let my 30 year old son come home to visit.  I did not have the energy to be in a room with people, even my own family, much less host them in the loving ways I wanted to and used to.  I did not want them to see me in such a terrible state – a state I just could not explain and could not fix.

On the very few occasions when I could drag myself off the couch and out of the house (sweatpants and no makeup was all I could muster), I would pass through my once green and lush back patio to see a collection of clay pots, some empty, some holding dry and brittle old dirt.  They looked depleted and dead – exactly as I felt.  That patio was such a depressing reminder of how bad my life had become.  I wondered everyday:  What has happened to me?  Is this what I am going to feel like for the rest of my life?  Where has all my energy gone?   Where is all this pain, physical and emotional, coming from?   Why can’t I focus on any of the things that were always so important to me – my family and friends, the business my husband and I built and ran together, and my once lovely patio garden?

For more than a year this routine continued.  Exhausting visits to numerous doctors and every specialist in the book produced no concrete diagnoses but the same prescription:  exercise, lose weight, and take anti-depressants. Discouraging advice to a woman who barely had the energy to take a shower and shuffle to the couch, much less join a gym or even take a walk around the block.  I felt like I should just “pull myself up by my bootstraps” and get going, but I hardly had the energy to tie my shoes.

My joints screamed with pain.  Steroid injections helped a little, but relief did not last.  Nothing helped and everything just kept getting worse.  I could not understand why I was continuing to gain weight when I ate so little each day.  And the anti-depressants only numbed my emotions to the point that I did not care about anything anymore.  I was ready to just give up.

Finally, a dear friend heard the Hotze Radio Program.  She called them and had the information sent to me.  Then she called me long distance several times a day every single day until I made an appointment.  Enough was enough – something was going to change!!

And change it did.  The Hotze team not only ran tests, but listened, really listened, to what I described was happening to my body and life:  no energy, tremendous joint pain, foggy brain, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, years of constipation, loss of appetite, weight gain and inability to lose it, cold all the time, puffiness, and the list went on. The staff at Hotze treated me as a person with a life to live, not a medical ‘case’. They assured me, regardless of what my ‘normal range’ blood levels said, that my body was screaming out to me, and they knew exactly what my body was trying to say:  I had yeast overgrowth in my digestive tract, and my thyroid and hormones were out of order and needed some help – naturally.

Hotze gave me a diagnosis that made sense.  And they prescribed a total wellness program that worked – an eating plan that made me feel great and lose pound after pound, along with a regimen of vitamins, supplements, and natural medicines tailor-formulated for me.  They assured me I could feel 100 times better and be well on the road to reclaiming my health in a matter of weeks.  They were right!  In just two short months, I was a totally different person.  And the wonderful health professionals at Hotze walked and talked with me every step of the way.

After talking with the doctor at Hotze, I learned that for 20 years my body had been trying to tell me something was wrong.  Being a devoted mother, wife, friend, and neighbor, I did not take the time to put my own health first for all those years.  BIG MISTAKE.  It all caught up with this body.  But, through Hotze, I am getting a second chance at a healthy life, and I FEEL GREAT!

Now every morning, I spring out of bed and walk for 30 minutes on the treadmill.  I am running all our household errands again.  I am working with my husband again.  I am gardening again.  I have lost more than 40 pounds!  I am on the road to being the person I used to be – smiling, laughing, caring, and working hard again.  I have never felt better.

Today, those pots on my back patio are full of green and blooming plants.  You should see it.  My son spent a wonderful Christmas with us this year.  I so enjoyed cooking and decorating – something I had not been able to do in a few years.  And this month, I am getting on a plane to visit (and chase after) my two sweet grandsons!

With Hotze’s help, I got my health back and my life back.  My husband got his wife back.  My friends have their friend back.  And my grandchildren got their grandmother back.   Thank you, Hotze!

A grateful grandmother, Glynn

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Written By: STEVEN F. HOTZE, M.D.

Steven F. Hotze, M.D., is the founder and CEO of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Hotze Vitamins and Physicians Preference Pharmacy International, LLC.