Kimberly’s Story

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My name is Kimberly.  I am a mammographer, the mother of wonderful and vivacious near 4 yr old boy, and the wife of an extremely busy husband, who bless his heart has suffered as much as I have.  During my teenage years, I suffered severe menstrual cycles, accompanied with severe pain, fever, and heavy bleeding. My mother tried everything natural and safe known to her. However, with all attempts failed and symptoms progressively getting worse, we made a trip to the local family doctor. I was sixteen and my mother was horrified that, after prescribed pain medicines did not work, the doctor prescribed birth control. Wonderful!  My cramps went away, and my menstrual cycles improved with each month. So for ten years I continued taking birth control pills.  Then I met my husband, and while on the pill, I became pregnant.  We were all excited and, of course, I was scared to death as a first time mom.

In my third trimester I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes (insulin dependence), which meant a very strict diet and giving my self insulin injections. After my son was born, I experienced post partum depression, so my OB/GYN suggested counseling and prescribed Xanax, which I was scared to take, hearing the addiction level.  So I started visiting my old family doctor, told him of my never having enough energy to get through the day, my feelings of rage, and just feeling blah all the time. He prescribed Serafem, an antidepressant, which seemed to help at first, but then the symptoms came back a little stronger, and I just started to feel as though I was falling apart, an emotional basket case. I overreacted to everything. I went back and changed my prescription to Paxil, then to Lexapro, increasing my doses each time. I then started having my anxiety/panic attacks that lasted at least three hours. 

At first I thought I was having vagal reactions, a thing your body does when the brain is being deprived of oxygen.  It had happened once before with a stomach virus. So I would flat on my back naked on a cold floor each time with my feet in the air and a blanket for when the shakes started; then, feeling nauseated, dizzy, and lightheaded, scared of what was going on.  I was always constipated. Like when I was pregnant, I was exhausted even with 10 hours of sleep. I visited another doctor who said I had irritable bowel syndrome (yeah right). All of this I never experienced.

Still convinced something was wrong, I visited yet another doctor, telling him of my symptoms and how I tracked them to 8 -10 days before my periods. He prescribed me Lexapro and said many young women have similar symptoms, but no one is really sure of the cause and that I was too young to need hormone supplements. The drug he prescribed should help. It did not.  Every night I would lie in fear of another panic attack lasting until the wee hours of the morning and then having to get to work. Worst of all it affected how I interacted with my family, my little boy. I was so tired, I never had enough energy. Months later, with no relief, I went back to the doctor.  He ran all kinds of lab work, said I was normal, and changed my prescription to Prozac.                                                                   

I had read in Texas Monthly about Hotze, and how many women were getting their lives back, but I thought I was too young. After all, I was only 28. This seemed like something older women needed, not me. After considering the article and talking with my husband for several weeks, we decided I should go. I have never experienced a doctor’s visit so wonderful. I was tested for everything and realized that I had thyroid antibodies, yeast, low progesterone and testosterone, and very low cortisol. No wonder I felt like a train wreck.                                                                      

I started seeing Dr Philips in April 2005, and now Dr. Sheridan. I feel better than ever, no more panic attacks. I sleep at night without worrying. My family members actually socialize with me, and best of all, my husband and I get along better than ever.

Thanks to Dr. Hotze and everyone’s hard work there at Hotze Health and Wellness Center, I HAVE GOT MY LIFE BACK!!!!  Thank you so much.

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Written By: STEVEN F. HOTZE, M.D.

Steven F. Hotze, M.D., is the founder and CEO of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Hotze Vitamins and Physicians Preference Pharmacy International, LLC.