Martha’s Story

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It is with great appreciation for Dr. Steven Hotze’s mission to improve all women’s health and well being that I present my story.
My life has been blessed twice because of the Hotze Wellness Center. Starting in 1999, my health began a rapid downward spiral to the point that by 2004 I was a total physical wreck. Menopause gave me horrible hot flashes and endless sleepless nights and the usual unexplained weight gain. Later I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and when all of these ailments compound, who would not become depressed and stay depressed? I could not take the conventional HRT as there is breast cancer in my family and at times I felt that it would be worth the risk just to get some relief. I took a list of all of these ailments to many family doctors and they kindly gave me the scientific names for each one but could offer no help in solving any of then. I was told I was getting older and this was the price to pay for that privilege. I left the last doctor’s office with two prescriptions, sleeping pills and antidepressants. I threw away the one for antidepressants and filled the one for sleeping pills. I felt that if I could just get some sleep maybe that would solve some of the other problems. In an effort to relieve some of the stress that I was also told caused many of my problems, I decided to give up my part of the business that my husband and I had built over the last ten years. Staying at home did help as I did not have to expend the energy getting dressed for work early each morning and I had most of the day to do the bare minimum of housekeeping.
Surprisingly, the rheumatologist that I was seeing for my arthritis ordered a blood test through my last family doctor I tried. That test showed my TSH was out of range and she suggested that I ask my family doctor for Armour Thyroid because she personally took it and did well. The family doctor did agree to Armour but with some misgivings and I would have to have frequent blood tests to monitor the effectiveness. I actually had started to improve until the family doctor convinced me to switch to Synthroid because it was a superior product and many of his other patients did well taking Synthroid. When I switched, I quickly reverted back to my old physical wreck state and completely out of hope. I just accepted the fact that most of my productive life was over as well as all of the outdoor activities that my husband and I had so enjoyed for many years.
The car radio was set at KSEV one day at noon when I made a trip to the grocery store.   Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? I think I shouted “YES” as I drove down the road. I sent for the information packet but only filed it away when I realized the cost. My downward spiral continued and by now I am not sure how much of a future remained. I was convinced that if I did develop a serious illness that I would not have the strength to recover. I got the information packet out again and discussed it with my husband. He was more than willing for me to make an appointment to get my life back. We probably lost more than that in the stock market that year was his reply when I told him the cost.
I walked into the Hotze Wellness Center in September of 2004 knowing deep in my heart that I was just throwing money out of the window and that I was foolish getting my hopes up again that I could find help. When I walked out of the Hotze Wellness Center, I knew in my heart that I had finally found a path that I could follow back to good health. There were no instant cures that day but just being understood and treated courteously convinced me that I had finally found answers. I switched back to Armour, took bio-identical hormones and vitamins and supplements. I followed the yeast free eating program and reeducated myself about nutrition. This all started my slow spiral upward to feeling great again and loving life.
During the time that I was feeling so depressed, I failed to notice that my wonderful husband was starting his own downward spiral. In June, 2005 he suffered a heart attack and had to undergo stint surgery to open clogged arteries. He did not bounce back as he thought he would and found himself unable to do many of the things that he had always enjoyed. I finally convinced him to make an appointment with the Hotze Wellness Center last November. After all, we probably lost that much money in the stock market again. By Christmas, 2005 my husband had started his own upward spiral back to good health.
I thank God everyday for Dr. Hotze and all of his wonderful doctors and staff. I have my life back and I am getting my husband back also. We are looking forward to enjoying our senior years and doing the many things we had planned for in retirement when that time comes. In case you are wondering, my husband announced the other day that instead of investing more in the stock market that we were going to buy two horses and some cattle. Life is grand!

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Written By: STEVEN F. HOTZE, M.D.

Steven F. Hotze, M.D., is the founder and CEO of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Hotze Vitamins and Physicians Preference Pharmacy International, LLC.