Mary’s Story

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The first time I went to the doctor, I was fifteen years old.  I was diagnosed with a parasite in my intestinal system.  Time went by and I recovered on my own.  After that, I still had symptoms from time to time.  I went to see the doctor again, and they then said I had something called proctitis.  I am now thirty eight years old and have been treated off and on for proctitis, which turned into chronic ulcerative colitis after the birth of my son. 

I was lucky to be able to have a child.  My son is now nine years old, and I have been sick with so many illnesses.  The colitis has controlled me for nine years.  If I am stressed, I am sick.  This is anything from weddings to social functions with friends.  I took a stress class at church and was sick after that.  The treatment and medication varied anywhere from 16 pills a day to daily enemas.  I am not a big person, so this would make me very ill.  I had a colonoscopy during which the doctor wanted to do a biopsy every four centimeters in my intestinal tract to check for cancer.  This tore me up and I was worse than ever before.  At this point, I was sick with so many problems.  If one problem was not fixed, other problems would follow – I am proof.  I told my husband I could not go on like this.  I wanted off all the medication! 

A friend told me about Hotze, so I called and made the appointment.  They called back and wanted to talk to me about everything before I was even in the office.  They really cared and listened to me, imagine that!  I started the program in March 2005.  I noticed my thyroid, hormones, and allergy problems leveled out after only one month in this program.  I showed no signs of ulcerative colitis.  I have gone 23 years with this disease and in the past 9 years it has not gone into remission at all.  I have had five doctors in eight years that could not keep it under control.  This is an embarrassing and painful disease and it is easier to stay home rather than go out.  I had all I could take physically and emotionally.  I was drained. 

I now have my life back.  I follow my program everyday with a few exceptions.  I owe the Hotze Clinic my life.  If someone is telling you to call them, do not hesitate!  It took me two years after learning about the Hotze Clinic to give them a call, not knowing that in just one month I could have been better.  I also prayed a lot and believe that this was the answer to my prayers.

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