Michelle’s Story

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My personal story of change could not be introduced without the following quote:
A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us.
To live is to be slowly born.
Antoine de Saint Exupéry
Several events have impacted my life… I will share with you the one that has brought back my true, old inner self.
It is the story of “how I got my life back”:
It was not too long ago when I would wake up with great excitement about the day’s activities. I was not tired in the mornings, but alert and very energetic. I could make decisions fairly quickly without any “brain fog”. My weight and health were very adequate there was also great self-confidence which motivated me to achieve a variety of goals in life. My husband and I moved and traveled to different parts of the world by the time we were in our early twenties, and I was always enthusiastic about the hard work and newness involved in those moves.
In the middle of this exciting life, we have had two magnificent daughters who are now 9 and 5. They have been the center of our universe and the reason why I have started my journey to rescue my old self and enable me to share this personal story.
Raising them, moving to different countries and supporting my husband in his career have always given me a very content life. Why then, did I become that lethargic, depressed, often times sourly-mooded person? No energy left to start any hobbies, exercise, often not even to care for my self-appearance. Doing the laundry or doing dishes became a huge and sometimes sole daily task. I could not physically and emotionally afford to do more than these mundane tasks in one entire day. My body was becoming heavier and sluggish. I would make thoughtless mistakes and decisions on the simplest errands and tasks. I had an erratic thinking process.
My self-confidence was slowly dissipating. It was hard to believe I had ever attended a university. Why get excited about a further education and a career if I could not remember daily appointments and never fully understand anything I read?
My patience was long gone. Who or what could make me laugh? Sexual drive was nonexistent. (Please read my husband’s contribution at the end of my story).   No shopping spree or event made me truly excited. It was all about crashing on the couch or anxiously waiting for bed time where, deep within, I would get no full rest. No goals, no quality time with my children, either. Where was my true old self? Is this how life in the thirties is supposed to get? I often pondered and was about to accept my fate, when it all became much worse.  I had a miscarriage.
The miscarriage pushed me to the edge of a deep precipice known as depression. Anti-depressants did not help, but added more anxiety. I became desperate for something that would help my true self be born again. It was then, that my mother-in-law was inspired to give me Dr. Hotze’s book, “Health, Hormones and happiness”. It was a hopeful start which guided me to the Hotze Health & Wellness Center and Doctor Sheridan’s hands.
They have literally, in every sense, shown me the path to gaining my life back. Within a few days of yeast free eating I felt that old seed of energy being planted again. Their precise diagnosis of my thyroid problems (previously ignored by several doctors) lit up my source of energy. In a matter of 3 months under the biologically identical hormones (progesterone and testosterone)   my body corrected and balanced itself out.   In practical terms, I am not a short-, evil-tempered woman anymore! My calm, easy going old self is reborn. I have no longer “PMS”, mood swings and depression. I feel hopeful about life, in the same old way!  There are no words worthy to describe my depression’s turn around.
The cortisol has tackled my issues with chronic adrenal fatigue. It has been a wonderful feeling  to understand that I was not lazy or stupid in the past. I have regained the full energy and ability to accomplish several daily activities and calmly cope with any stress.
My family and friends have been extremely thankful and impressed with my “rebirth”.
My revigorated body and mind have taken me back to pursue a second degree, in nursing, where perhaps someday I will be part of someone’s ‘rebirth”. We have also recently succeeded in becoming pregnant one more time.  Only this time, I feel physically and mentally healthy and prepared.   The outlook of my pregnancy under Dr. Hotze’s and Dr. Sheridan’s eating program and multi-vitamin supplements is excellent. There is a wonderful bright road ahead of me and my family.
Thank you very much Dr. Hotze and Dr. Sheridan for your true rescue and my rebirth.
Please read my husband’s testimony:
It had been a few years since I can recall my wife feeling like she did when we first met. These last few years, my wife would tell me she did not feel right. She really could not explain it in words. She was having troubles handling her emotions, and I could see what had changed. Her mood swings, snapping at the kids for little things, her lack of concentration, the weight gain, the lack of sex drive and so forth. I just did not know how to help.
I am a fruitful man. Well, flat out, very tight with money. However, when my wife told me she had talked to my brother’s mother-in-law who had seen this doctor and he had helped her feel a 100% better, I thought “that much to see a doc? It’s crazy” The truth is, I wanted my wife to feel better. I wanted our house to be a home again. At first, I just did not know I wanted to spend that much on something I knew nothing about. (Our insurance did not cover this type of treatment). I am glad she was able to explain what was going to change, and that she was convinced this was a very promising solution.
I, myself, have had nothing but bad experiences with doctors in the current medical field. I am tired of being treated like cattle when I go to the doctor’s office. I was hoping she would have a better experience. When my wife came back from the doctor, she told me how well she was treated and how the doctor actually gave her the time to explain how she felt. What a happy surprise. She came back a totally different person; a person with a goal to feel better, both physically and emotionally, about herself.
She asserted herself to following the doctor’s advice and to give it her all. I also joined in on the changes, one to show support, the other to see if I could feel better as well.   The changes in our daily diet showed almost immediate changes in how we felt. What I noticed the most, however, was the change in her mood.
I travel a lot, so once I was out of the house on an extended trip about a month after she started the change, I was able to see the difference in a more dramatic way upon my return. And what a change! She lost weight. She is more active. She is getting out of bed in the morning. She is more alert, sharp, and aggressive in enjoying life. Our sex life has been phenomenal!
My wife’s change has not only improved her outlook, this energy has spread to everyone around her. We enjoy being together again as a family.

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Written By: STEVEN F. HOTZE, M.D.

Steven F. Hotze, M.D., is the founder and CEO of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Hotze Vitamins and Physicians Preference Pharmacy International, LLC.