Robyn’s Story

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I am sitting here 47 years old today, thinking that I finally feel normal. I finally feel happy. The inner demon, as I had begun to think of that horrible feeling in the pit of my soul, the feeling that kept me from enjoying life, the depression, I can happily say is gone. When I think back on when it started and how long it lasted I am shocked that I survived so long.

 I was 25 or 26 when I got my first ovarian cyst removed. They took the whole ovary at that time. I had started to have migraines and bad PMS symptoms such as pain and severe depression before my periods. After surgery, I started to notice that I did not have the energy I used to have and that the depression was not just during PMS. Also, the migraines were worsening and I started gaining weight.

 When I was about 28, I went to my HMO doctor and talked about the feeling that my hormones were messed up. I told her that I did not feel normal. She gave me something for migraines at the time and told me I should consider anti-depressants. That was the beginning of an HMO runaround, which never resulted in me believing that they validated my thoughts, feelings or symptoms.

 When I was 30, I gave birth to my son. He really is the joy in my life, but being a single mother and having to juggle all the work that entails, along with constant depression and pain, was almost unbearable. I did go on anti-depressants for awhile only to feel like life was not worth living, so I stopped using them. I would feel anger for no reason and negative thoughts. I had brain fog that was getting worse as time went on and forgot things regularly. I would pretend around my son and others that everything was okay. I used to wonder what it was like to feel normal. I no longer laughed easily like when I was young. I would really struggle to get through each day and had severe fatigue.

 They found another ovarian cyst on my only remaining ovary when I was about 44. I had just started reading the book “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Menopause” by John R Lee, M.D. I thought that maybe I was having early menopause symptoms. In the book, he said that doctors often prescribe estrogen for ovarian cysts which would then lead to precancerous cells. When I went to the doctor, she prescribed estrogen and told me I needed it. She also wanted me to have a hysterectomy. I started to take estrogen and I felt terrible, worse than ever, so I stopped taking it. That is when I learned about natural progesterone.

 Then, at 45 years of age, my hair started falling out in the handfuls. AHHH! When I first saw an ad for the Hotze Health and Wellness Center I knew it was where I needed to go; I just did not know how I would be able to afford it. I worked two jobs just to make ends meet. Still I had no energy at all and my inner joy really was hard to find. I knew that if I did not do something fast that I could not handle it. I decided to refinance my house so I could start the program. That is how sure I was that going to Hotze was what I needed.

 The first doctor visit was different than any other I had experienced and I cried right there. I cried because the doctor was listening, because he believed me, because he could help. I really felt that they cared. My symptoms pointed to a low or non-functioning thyroid, estrogen dominance, and adrenal fatigue. I began taking natural progesterone and Armour Thyroid along with some badly needed vitamins. I started feeling better right away. Now a year later, my hair has stopped falling out. My mood is very balanced and I am playful, fun, and happy like when I was younger. I do not have pain with my periods and really only know when they are coming because of the schedule. My immune system is up and working again, as I rarely get sick anymore. I do not have migraines at all and I have lost weight. The ovarian cyst has shrunk, and the brain fog is gone. The way people treat you at the Wellness Center is genuine. They have truly given me back my life and everyone around me has noticed the difference. 

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Written By: STEVEN F. HOTZE, M.D.

Steven F. Hotze, M.D., is the founder and CEO of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Hotze Vitamins and Physicians Preference Pharmacy International, LLC.