Roxy’s Story – Fatigue, Brain Fog, Low Libido

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A bit doubtful, are you, when reading how someone lost her life and then got it back?  I mean, really, how many more verses to this same song and dance do we need to read about? 

Here is a final verse; with a look at just some of the symptoms we know accompany menopause, and how each affected me. 

Mental fog – could not remember simple things, like the street to my best friend’s house;              
No Energy – always been the family fireball with lots of energy to spare;
Withdrawal – puzzling for a huge extrovert!;
Low to no libido – just how much fun was I missing with my husband???;
High cholesterol – whaaat?  jogging, cycling and not overweight;
Irritable Bowel Syndrome – had that just once over 20 years ago when my mother died;
Inability to fall/stay asleep – never experienced that before no matter what the crisis;
Raynaud’s Phenomena – kind of a blessing here in Texas.

My husband, Rob, was getting worried about me.  Heck, I was getting worried about me.  Rob found Dr Hotze’s ad in the in-flight Southwest magazine and brought it home.  (Mystery now solved as to why those magazines each have a missing page!)  I fretted a bit after researching how much this would cost us, but when I asked myself what I had to lose – like maybe all the above symptoms – I jumped right in. 

Are you someone who would like to be treated special?  From the very first telephone conversation with the Hotze staff, you will likely feel that Dr. Hotze designed his practice with just YOU in mind.  The nurses are caring, intelligent, well educated, and well read (do you know they read the same two books per month each of the MD’s read?).  Dr. David Sheridan is a great listener, focusing on the patient and her description of symptoms.  You receive not only his expertise, but also true partnering in your best course of treatment.  A distinct and desired difference from MD’s who treat based on lab results, what the latest pharmacy representative brings in, or even insurance company parameters.  Definitely not the same song and dance at the Hotze!

I went home from my July 2004 visit with just estrogen and progesterone prescriptions.  Within 12 hours – literally – I noticed the mental fog lift and energy return.  NO exaggeration here!  Once my thyroid and adrenal glands received their bio-identical replacements, life continued to spiral upward. 

Finally, did I mention my husband – younger by 11 years – has scheduled his appointment with the Hotze Health & Wellness Center for next month?   Hmmm…

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