Roy’s Story

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I first learned about Dr. Hotze and the Hotze Wellness Center when I arrived in Houston, in the late summer of 2002, listening to my newly found favorite radio station 700AM KSEV. I listened to him and his patients and future patients retell him how they were feeling, the responses they had gotten from there own doctors, and their despair at the thought of living the rest of their lives feeling unwell. Their stories resonated within me because I knew how they were feeling. I was feeling the same way they were, and I was only 39 at the time. I had been to doctors trying to receive help. In one instance, I was actually sent a certified letter from a doctor here in Houston telling me he did not want to treat me anymore because I let him know I disagreed with him about my situation.
I was always cold; my temperature was always in the 95’s and 96’s. I was as heavy as I had ever been, despite working out many times a week and watching my food intake. I had problems sleeping and problems mentally focusing on my work and making decisions. I was grumpy to the people I cared most about in my life. I was always told, “Your blood work is fine; there is nothing wrong with you.” This, even after challenging them, “How does it explain why I am so cold? How do you explain that I cannot even make a decision on what to wear or what to eat? How do you explain that I cannot remember what client I had just visited and what we talked about nor could I remember where I was going next…or who their name was…or what they were interested in?”   All I heard was, your blood work is normal and there is nothing we are going to do for you. It was becoming more apparent that the only people who could help were Dr. Hotze and his staff.
Fast forward one year and a few months later after becoming a patient at the Hotze Wellness Center; I am no longer cold. I can focus and make decisions. I have drive and initiative and I feel happier than I have in years. All this change is due to a little Amour Thyroid and some testosterone and a few other dietary supplements. I now look forward to my future with gusto and excitement because I know I am feeling as good as I possibly can and I have Dr. Hotze and the Hotze Wellness Center to thank for this.
Guys, if any of my experiences sounds like your own, RUN, do not walk, to the Hotze Wellness Center because quite frankly, they are the only people who I believe can help, and I am living proof.

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