Organizational Statements

Mission Statement

We are committed to enabling you to enjoy a better quality of life.  We will help you obtain and maintain health and wellness naturally by achieving the following goals:

  1. Strengthening your immune system
  2. Increasing your energy level

These goals can be accomplished by following our 8-Point Treatment Regimen:

  1. Treatment of airborne allergies 
  2. Treatment of food allergies 
  3. Treatment of yeast    
  4. Natural thyroid hormone supplementation when indicated
  5. Hotze hormone treatment in women and men when indicated
  6. Treatment of adrenal fatigue 
  7. Detoxification through vitamin and mineral supplementation
  8. Nutritionally balanced eating and exercise program for obtaining and maintaining optimal health and an ideal body weight

By helping you achieve these goals, we expect to put you on a life-long path of health and wellness.


We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.  We are professionals whose services will enable our guests to enjoy a better quality of life by helping them obtain and maintain health and wellness naturally.

The three steps of service:

  1. Offer a warm and sincere greeting.
  2. Anticipate and exceed our guests’ expectations.
  3. Offer a fond farewell.  Give them a warm good-bye.  Thank them for the privilege of serving them and thank them in advance for the kind referral of their family and friends.

The Health and Wellness Center is a place where the genuine care and welfare of our guests is our highest mission.  We pledge to provide the finest personal attention and medical care for our guests in a warm, friendly and relaxed yet refined environment.  The Health and Wellness experience cultivates hope, instills a sense of well being and fulfills even the unexpressed wishes and needs of our guests. 

Growth Vision Statement

Our purpose is to enable our guests to enjoy a better quality of life by helping them obtain and maintain health and wellness naturally.  Our growth rests upon the foundation of extraordinary hospitality and guest experiences.  We are building the finest health and wellness businesses in the world.  We are leading the Wellness Revolution which will change the way women and men are treated through detoxification and bioidentical hormone replacement.  Our vision for the future differentiates us from our competitors.  We commit to increase our knowledge and skills, individually and as a team, to ensure that we achieve our goals.

The 18 Principles of Success

  1. I have developed and written down my definite purpose.
  2. I have established a mastermind alliance.
  3. I have assembled an attractive personality.
  4. I use applied faith.
  5. I go the extra mile.
  6. I create personal initiative.
  7. I have built a positive mental attitude.
  8. I embrace enthusiasm.
  9. I enforce self-discipline.
  10. I think accurately.
  11. I focus my attention.
  12. I inspire teamwork.
  13. I learn from adversity and defeat.
  14. I cultivate creative vision.
  15. I maintain sound health.
  16. I budget my time and money.
  17. I trust in God’s divine providence.
  18. I cultivate patience.

Core Values

  1. To worship God in our work
  2. To recognize the intrinsic worth of each individual
  3. To provide extraordinary hospitality and guest experiences
  4. To operate profitably
  5. To continually increase our knowledge and skills

Impact Statement

Restoring health,

Transforming lives,

Renewing our world, naturally.

6 Rules of Influence



3.Social Proof




Explanation of Services

We believe that you deserve to have a doctor and a team of professionals to coach you onto a path of health and wellness naturally so you can enjoy a better quality of life without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.