Curb Your Anxiety with This
19Nov, 2018

Curb Your Anxiety With This

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Are you suffering from anxiety? The persistent worry and fear can be debilitating. You worry about work, finances, and what’s going to happen tomorrow. The things to worry about seem endless. However, what if all you had to do to curb your anxiety is add one thing to your diet? Discover a new way to curb your anxiety naturally.

Why do You Crave Salt When You Have Adrenal Fatigue
15Nov, 2018

Why Do You Crave Salt When You Have Adrenal Fatigue?

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Have you felt tired and stressed lately and noticed that you are constantly reaching for the potato chips and salty pretzels? There is a reason you crave salt in particular when you experience stress, since a craving is usually your body’s way of letting you know it has an unmet nutritional need. So, why do you crave salt when you have adrenal fatigue? Here is what you need to know about why you crave salty foods when your adrenal glands are taxed and how to naturally restore your adrenal balance.

Surprising Way to Get Joint Pain Relief
14Nov, 2018

Surprising Way to Get Arthritis Relief

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Are you suffering from joint pain and stiffness from arthritis? What if all you had to do for some relief is cut out certain foods from your diet? Would it be worth it to you? If so, then read on, because we have some good news that may help you get the relief you’ve been searching for. Discover a surprising way to get arthritis relief.

What Men Should Know About Women’s Hormones
8Nov, 2018

What Men Should Know About Women’s Hormones

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Men, have you noticed changes in your significant other and wonder if it could be her hormones? The symptoms may include loss of energy, weight gain, brain fog, recurring monthly headaches, or changes in mood. Dr. Hotze answers all the questions you’re too afraid to ask as he discusses six common symptoms that women experience that are caused by hormone decline.

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