14 Allergy Prevention Tips
12Mar, 2018

14 Allergy Prevention Tips

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You know allergy season has arrived when you see cars covered in pollen and you’re sneezing, your eyes are red and itchy, your asthma is acting up and you have a lot of sinus drainage. Before you resort to antihistamines and decongestants, discover some things you can do, naturally, to help prevent having those allergy symptoms in the first place. Discover 14 allergy prevention tips to help make your life a whole lot easier.

9Mar, 2018

How Bioidentical Hormones Transformed Wendy’s Life

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Wendy had such extreme fatigue that she was barely getting by. She had horrible, painful menstrual cycles and two miscarriages. She had mood swings, headaches and migraines. Synthetic hormones and antidepressants didn't help her. Watch to hear how Dr. Hotze helped Wendy transform her life with bioidentical hormones. You don’t want to miss this!

Dr. Hotze's 9 Tips to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease
23Feb, 2018

Dr. Hotze’s 9 Tips to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

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As you know, February is Heart Health Month. You are probably aware that it is important to eat healthy and exercise, but there are other risk factors that you don’t hear about in the media or from conventional medicine. Discover Dr. Hotze's 9 tips to prevent and reverse heart disease.

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