Regenerative Medicine

Do you have joint pain in your knees, hips or shoulders that just won’t go away? Are you being told you need or may need invasive surgery that will require a long recovery time? Have you exhausted all of your treatment options?

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a natural approach to activating our cells to repair tissues and organs in order to establish optimal function. At Hotze Health & Wellness Center, we utilize exosomes (derived from stem cells) in injection and IV treatments, which have been proven to provide remarkable, natural healing success.

God has given your body amazing restorative power, a natural ability to heal itself. This is known as the body’s Innate Regenerative Capacity. Stem cell exosomes are nano-sized vesicles that play a key role in cell-to-cell communication. Exosomes are biologically active molecules which create an environment where the injured tissues can regenerate themselves. They enhance the viability and activity of the mitochondria, which are the power plants contained in every cell.

The following are some key points about the exosomes that we are using for treatment:

1. The exosomes are derived from placentas of full term, live C-section births and are donated by consenting mothers who have passed a comprehensive medical background check and blood screening. They are purchased from an FDA registered tissue bank.

2. Third party testing is done on every batch, specifically for sterility and characterization of biologically active molecules.

3. Single generation harvesting. A new placenta is used for every batch of exosomes to produce the highest potency.

4. Our treatment contains high quantities of exosomes for effectiveness. For example, for a knee treatment, each injection contains 15-30 billion exosomes. Intravenous treatment contains approximately 75 billion exosomes.

Regenerative Therapy Packages

exosome pricingWhat is Required for Regenerative Therapy?

An MRI is required prior to any joint injection (knee, hip or shoulder). The price of an MRI will vary based on the imaging center you select. The cost of the MRI is not included in our pricing for the treatment.

Pre-treatment blood work and urinalysis are required. These results should be received and reviewed for final approval prior to the day of treatment.

Expect to be in the Wellness Center for 60 to 90 minutes for the injection and an ozone IV. For an IV only, you will spend about 30 minutes here.

* For osteoarthritis, bilateral treatment is recommended.

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