Swine Flu Alert: Medicinal Chemist Says “Think Before You Vaccinate!”

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 By Shane “The People’s Chemist” Ellison
Author Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, As a young chemist working in the chemistry labs of corporate America, I watched as they promoted cancer causing drugs as anti-cancer remedies (tamoxifen). I also witnessed the pharmaceutically compliant media convince the world that depression was a disease and you needed the so-called antidepressant drug Prozac™ to treat it. I began to wonder, “How gullible are the masses?” The reaction to the swine flu scare answered this. 
It’s been said that “a sucker is born every minute,” but not even this aphorism could explain the hysteria that set in courtesy of swine flu alerts. With graphic images of the 1918 flu pandemic and Hispanics wearing face masks, American’s can’t seem to roll up their sleeves fast enough. With the cheap sales rhetoric of a late night infomercial, Big Pharma scum has risen to the top of the commercial vat with a “swine flu vaccine.” Yet, nobody is asking the important questions; “Is the swine flu a real threat?” And, “Is the swine flu vaccine safe?”
Americans, being bombarded by The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) public service announcements, are surrendering reason to fear. Hopefully I can restore it by writing articles like this one – but probably not. Oh well, I’d rather immerse myself in the autonomy that comes with writing than fielding ridiculous questions from the “Facebook friends” who want a cure for everything from toe fungus to erectile dysfunction. And besides, it’s inevitable that someone leaves endless messages on my cell phone asking if they should get the swine flu jab. So I might as well confront it now. It’s simple; keep your arm closely guarded and “think before your vaccinate.”
The swine flu isn’t a real threat. To understand why it isn’t, you have to look back to 1976. This was the last time the U.S. Government colluded with big Pharma to sell swine flu vaccines via fear tactics. The LA Times referred to it as the “swine flu debacle.”
Apparently, a dehydrated, stressed, and overworked U.S. soldier keeled over on a morning run. They discovered he had the flu. With sweeping generalizations, the media reported that he had the swine flu – a “strain similar to the virus believed to be the cause of the 1918 pandemic.” Without considering the many complications that exacerbated his flu conditions and ultimately led to his unfortunate death, swine flu sissies cried for a vaccine.
Big Pharma’s marketing machine emerged and vaccines were hastily distributed. The CDC admitted that no single swine flu case was ever confirmed.  Yet, it was confirmed that hundreds of patients suffered from the debilitating, neurological disorder known as Guillain-Barré syndrome as a direct result of being vaccinated.
It was later discovered that the fatigued soldier suffered from good ol’ fashioned flu and was overcome by pneumonia – complicated by the stress and workload that come with being in the military. The U.S government prevented patients from taking action against negligent pharmaceutical companies by offering indemnity to the manufacturers. , Today’s swine flu threat is being promoted with the same fuzzy generalizations that spurred the demand for vaccines in 1976. “The virus is still around and ready to explode,” warned William Schaffner, an influenza expert (or pharmaceutical lapdog depending on how you look at it) at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. “We’re potentially looking at a very big mess,” he insists. Yet, he provides no laboratory evidence whatsoever to back up his alarmist claims. In fact, as highlighted on the nationally syndicated Robert Scott Bell radio show (Google it), the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a directive “to stop testing for the virus and just assume it’s there based on symptoms” – so much for state-of-the-art testing methods. If swine flu were a real threat, surely we’d be testing for it.
Let’s pretend that history doesn’t repeat itself and that swine flu is real. Recent figures tell us that it has killed 1,100 people worldwide (but remember, no tests confirm it). What this really means is that 1,100 people have died from swine flu-like symptoms – probably just normal flu compounded by underlying complications.
This is hardly a global threat – or requirement for mass vaccination – considering that cholera (a dreaded waterborne  bacteria of centuries past) kills tens of thousands per year worldwide! But there’s no money in treating cholera, therefore you haven’t heard about it. The cure, as highlighted in The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM): better sanitation and the oh-so cheap salt water and sugar. Neither Big Pharma nor the U.S Government is attempting to save us from the little critter.
Even if swine flu were at large, AP medical writer Lauren Neerguard, concurs with me that “swine flu is no more a threat than normal flu.” But as a swine flu sissy, Lauren still urges for mass vaccination. Enter the U.S Government Bankroll.
The U.S federal government has now spent billions on “newer and safer” swine flu vaccines from manufacturers to share it for free among the states, who must then “try and get this into the arms of the targeted population as soon as possible.” Safety is assured, “We are testing it on 12,000 children!” Feel safer now?
Eager to reap huge profits, Novartis spokesman Eric Althoff told The Associated Press that “the vaccine will likely be on the market before the trial finishes.” Nice. Not everyone learns from history. Oh, wait. Just like in the 1976 non-flu pandemic, the U.S. government has given indemnity to vaccine manufacturers to shield them from surge of lawsuits that will come due to negative side effects.
The Health Protection Agency recently warned neurologists that, “They they must be alert for an increase in a brain disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), which could be triggered by the [new] vaccine.” They reminded me that history repeats itself and physicians that, “More people died from the vaccination than from swine flu [in 1976].” Side-effects or not, vaccination isn’t the answer.
In my book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, I teach that the immune system is a labyrinth of molecular and cellular operations, always working in combination to protect the body from the myriad of threats that exist in the environment – bacterial, viral, and fungal. I also show that vaccines, poor living conditions and filthy sanitation (think 1918 flu pandemic) can weaken this natural intelligence and therefore tear down our “biological firewall.” This causes us to become more susceptible to infection.
With swine flu hysteria, it didn’t take long for me to realize that people are pretty damn gullible – enough to run out and buy “N95 grade” and NIOSH Approved” protective face masks at the mention of “H1N1.” Fe people “think before they vaccinate.” Don’t be gullible, be smart. Face masks look ridiculous, and so is the swine flu vaccine. Just say no to vaccination.
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