Your Hidden Weapons of Fat Destruction

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You have weapons of fat destruction. And you are hiding them – probably unknowingly. This explains why your waist is being overcome by enemy number one: unsightly belly fat. Are you ready to obliterate it?
As a biochemical evil-doer, belly fat slowly destroys quality of life. Among men, it yields boobs. It keeps your soldier from standing at attention. Among women, it stores the “junk-in-the-trunk.” It smothers sex drive. It zaps life-giving energy. It disrupts mental focus.
This evil-doer is very demanding. Belly fat screams for ice-cream and soda without warning. If you don’t yield to its desires, it holds you prisoner by making you feel edgy, light-headed, and generally pissed off until you give in.
This evil doer is a liar. Almost hourly, it tries to convince you that, “One more soda isn’t gonna hurt you.” At night, it whispers, “Everyone in America is eating chocolate right now, you should be too.” When you wonder if you should be exercising it tries to convince you that, “Exercise is not important.”
Perhaps the most insidious characteristic of belly fat is its ability to keep you in your comfort zone…Your fat comfort zone. Today, 60% of Americans are fat. Our children are following in our fat footsteps. And few people are doing anything about it. Instead, they hold tight to the myth that “carrying belly fat is genetic or a normal part of aging.” Wrong.
At 30% body fat, I reveled in my own comfort zone for an entire year before I decided to take military like action. Once I uncovered my hidden weapons of fat destruction, I descended to 11% body fat and gained about 10 lbs of muscle in 90 days and have kept it off ever since. I’ve seen worse case scenarios do the exact same. In addition to ridding themselves and man-boobs and belly fat, some cured type II diabetes!
Forget about fad diets. Forget about fad supplements. Forget about fad drugs like Synthroid, Xenical, Meridia and the newer Accomplia that have side-effects worse than obesity. Forget about eating some exotic algae or fancy fruit drink to lose fat. If these mass produced and mass selling products were effective we wouldn’t be the fattest country in the world.
As a pharmaceutical chemist, I’ve uncovered a trove of fat destroying weapons that would make a fat military general envious. Under the proper lifestyle and dietary circumstances the arsenal can be employed by your own body.
Is Michael Moore reading?
Human Growth Hormone (hGH), Leptin, IGF-1 and Testosterone
I’m going to spare you the biochemistry lesson…All you need to know is that in addition to being weapons of fat destruction, the above hormones are great for living young, building muscle, obtaining vibrant looking skin and ensuring that your bedroom energy is rockin’. Unfortunately, if you are sporting belly fat, you probably have very little of them courtesy of surging insulin levels. Insulin prevents your body from unleashing these vital fat destroyers.
The only way to get your weapons of fat destruction back on the front lines is to “increase insulin sensitivity.” Don’t fret over the science jargon, just keep reading.
Insulin sensitivity is the opposite of insulin resistance (type II diabetes). Sensitivity to insulin means that you won’t have much of the fat storing hormone in your fat belly. You will live thin and slim.
Insensitivity to insulin means that your body is resistant to it and therefore does not use it up fast enough. As a result, your belly bathes in it. You get fat.. Simple right? Don’t worry, medical doctors usually choke on their words when trying to explain it to patients (future drug eaters of America).
To increase insulin sensitivity, do the following:
•If it tastes sweet spit it out. Don’t complicate this one. I don’t care about the mom-in-a-thong promoting the newest health/sports bar. I don’t care about the dumb-jock on the verge of “roid-rage” promoting a sweetened protein shake. And I don’t care about how scrumptious that organic apple looks. If it tastes sweet spit it out. Maybe save it for birthdays. You’ll be having many more by sticking to this rule.
•Eat three meals per day and space them out by 4-5 hours. No snacking. Meals should be 50% healthy fat, 20% low glycemic carbs and 30% protein.
•Key nutritional supplements can also be used. Among them are cinnamon (2-6 grams daily) and banaba leaf containing 1% corosolic acid (50-250 mg daily). The best time to use is 30-60 minutes prior to meals. These supplements are safer and more effective than any prescription drug. In fact, using “combinatorial chemistry,” drug labs are trying to make a synthetic copy-cat of both as we speak – they’ve been failing for years.
•Expose that white belly to God’s healing rays! Showering 85% of your body to sunlight for 20 – 45 minutes three to five times per week will increase insulin sensitivity while controlling sugar cravings. Skin damaging sunscreen is not allowed.
•Use my free, insulin controlling workout (send an email to ) to ensure that you pack on that dormant, sexy muscle.
Some readers will have a momentary lapse in judgment. They will continue to hide their weapons of fat destruction and instead choose to be a “drug eater of America.” This is futile and dangerous. Not a single prescription drug address’ insulin sensitivity. This is the primary reason none of them reverse obesity, insulin resistance or type II diabetes. They just mask symptoms. This is a stark reminder that Mother Nature provides the best medicine.
Cute, Dimply Fat Eradicated
The above tactics will bring hGH, leptin, IGF-1 and testosterone front and center. Insulin will decrease (along with blood sugar) and your weapons of fat destruction will emerge. No matter how cute, squishy and dimply your fat might be, it will be eradicated. The shock and awe that follows will leave your peers secretly wondering, ”Wow! What did they do to get rid of all that unsightly belly fat?”
But, But, But…
“But, my doctor told me to stay on my med’s and that they would control my weight, am I supposed to get off my drugs?”
“But, I heard that Xango would cure my obesity and my toe fungus. Are you saying to stop drinking it?”
“But, I’ve been overweight my whole life, it runs in my family.”
Stop! Don’t say another word. Your fat cells are eating your brain. Use your hidden weapons of fat destruction before your quality of life is destroyed. 
About the Author
Shane “The People’s Chemist” Ellison has an MS in organic chemistry and has first hand experience in drug design and synthesis. He is a two-time recipient of the prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Grant for his studies in physiology and biochemisty. Today, Shane is an internationally recognized authority on insulin resistance and type II diabetes. Learn to beat obesity, heart disease and even diabetes by getting The People’s Chemist Foundational Health Education at . 

Written By: STEVEN F. HOTZE, M.D.

Steven F. Hotze, M.D., is the founder and CEO of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Hotze Vitamins and Physicians Preference Pharmacy International, LLC.

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