8 Little Known Facts About Progesterone

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Physicians often tell women that if they have had a hysterectomy, they do not need to supplement with progesterone, only with estrogen.  This is a big oversight, since progesterone balances estrogen.  Estrogen that is not balanced with progesterone can lead to a host of health problems, including breast cancer.

Today it is much more commonly known that progesterone can alleviate premenstrual symptoms, irregular periods, migraines, depression and insomnia.  However, did you know that it does much more than this?

Here are 8 little known facts about progesterone:

1. Men and women have receptors for progesterone throughout their bodies.

2. It supports healthy bones, breasts, heart, liver and brain tissue in
both men and women.

3. It improves cholesterol levels.

4. It is beneficial for the prostate.

5. It is important for the brain.

6. It stimulates the brain’s GABA receptors, those feel-good, calming

7. It has multiple functions in the central nervous system to regulate cognition, mood, inflammation, mitochondrial function, neurogenesis and regeneration, myelination and recovery from traumatic brain injury.

8. Progesterone is a precursor of other hormones, including estrogen, testosterone and cortisol.

Please be sure that you are using bioidentical progesterone, which is identical to that your body makes, and not synthetic progestins, which are not the same molecule and can have negative effects on your health. Take our symptom checker health quiz to find out if you have symptoms of low progesterone.

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