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Still won’t meet your child’s nutritional needs.
In modern day America, the diet of our youth consists primarily of processed foods that are high in sugar, simple carbohydrates, and depleted of any real nutritional value, such as naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, fiber and enzymes. Recent research links health problems and poor mental function with inadequate diets among children. It’s not surprising when you consider the fact that fewer than 15 percent of U.S. children eat the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

Yet, even with a seemingly nutritious diet, it’s difficult to meet a growing child’s nutritional needs these days. Especially when the majority of Americans are simply unaware that storing and processing deplete nutrients even in healthy foods. Consider the following:

•There is a 90 percent loss of vitamin content in canned and frozen vegetables.
•Processed peaches lose 40 to 70 percent of niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, and vitamins A and C compared to raw peaches.
•Freezing meat destroys up to 70 percent of vitamin B5 and 50 to 70 percent of vitamin B6 in processing lunch meats.
•Within 24 hours after picking, spinach stored at room temperature loses 70 percent of its vitamin C. And after just two days, refrigerated spinach loses 50 percent of its vitamin C.
•Cooking vegetables destroys 30 percent of the vitamin C; up to 70 percent of thiamin; and 50 percent of riboflavin.

No need to panic, there’s a simple solution: Simply adding a few high-quality vitamin and mineral supplements to a child’s daily routine has been shown to significantly improve overall health, mental function as well as resistance to illness. In fact, one study showed a group of children who took a multivitamin formula for eight months increased 7.2 IQ points over a placebo group.

With children’s active lifestyles and rapidly growing bodies, living in a world full of processed junk food, it’s even more critical to supplement their brains and bodies with the nutrients they are liable deficient in. With Physician’s Preference Nutri-Kids vitamins, not only will you be helping improve your own child’s life, but also the life of a child in need. 
 , In an effort to help support a noble cause, Physician’s Preference launched its Nutri-Kids Gives New Life initiative, where 20 percent all of Nutri-Kids sales are donated to New Life, a non-profit school in Guatemala for children with special needs.
New Life, founded in 2000 by one brave woman with a vision, began with eight children and now has grades kindergarten through sixth. What makes this school extraordinary is that the children who attend are unable to obtain an education in the overcrowded Guatemalan public school system, due to either the ridicule of other students or the teacher’s inability to teach them. Without New Life School, these children are sadly denied an education and opportunities for a bright future.

Many of the children have severe hearing or vision deficits, learning disabilities, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy or sensory integration difficulties. Donations are critical to provide proper medical care for the children who suffer from life-threatening medical conditions such as seizure disorders. And 100 percent of all donations are applied toward the operation of the school and the children’s needs, which include: teacher salaries; nutrition program; teaching materials and supplies; building operation and maintenance; English class; speech and occupational therapy; medical care and wheelchairs.
 , Thanks to New Life, young children are literally being given a new life – hope, opportunity, happiness and skills necessary for life.  Many of these children did not own wheel chairs – many crawled or were unable to move – and now they have the freedom of mobility. Other children, who had never uttered a word, prior to coming to New Life School, have now been taught speech and given the self confidence to speak.

 , ,  , Thank you for considering joining us in our efforts.

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