A Love-Hate Relationship: Antibiotics and Yeast Overgrowth

Comments: 0 | July 26th, 2011

Wondering if you could suffer from ? Aside from the symptoms of yeast overgrowth, a good place to begin is with your history of antibiotic use.
Consider the following facts about antibiotics:

•Physicians prescribe approximately 100 million antibiotics per year.
•Two of the top ten drugs prescribed in 2009 were antibiotics.
•A study by the National Institute of Medicine found that up to 50 percent of antibiotics are prescribed needlessly.
•Even if you’ve never taken antibiotics, you’re likely to have ingested traces of them in dairy products and meat.
•Women are eight times more likely than men to be affected by yeast overgrowth. This is due to a higher antibiotic use, counterfeit hormone replacement such as synthetic estrogen as well as the use of birth control pills that increase the risk of yeast overgrowth in women.

If you think antibiotic use in the United States hasn’t affected your gastrointestinal health, think again.
 , Considering that pharmaceutical drugs for symptoms of yeast overgrowth such as acid reflux are in the top twenty prescribed drugs of 2009, the chances that most Americans would benefit from eliminating yeast overgrowth are pretty high. Instead of depending on the little purple pill, maybe it’s time to address the underlying cause.

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