Cholesterol: Conventional Medicine’s Scapegoat

Comments: 0 | August 2nd, 2011

In yesterday’s post, you learned about the importance of cholesterol in our bodies. You learned that cholesterol is important for our cell membranes, brain health, fat digestion, detoxification, bone health, and is actually a precursor for our sex hormones. So if cholesterol is so vital to human health, how did cholesterol become public enemy #1?
Why is cholesterol in your bloodstream to begin with? As Dr. Matthias Rath said, “Elevated blood levels of cholesterol and other blood risk factors are not the cause of cardiovascular disease – they are the consequence of the ongoing vascular disease.”
Think of it this way. Pretend that on your drive to work you come across several car accidents in a row. At each scene, there is a police car with flashing lights. Would it be a good assumption to say that because the police are always at the scene of an accident that they must be the cause of the accident? No, of course not! The police are called to the scene of an accident and play a major role in damage control. Anyone who said, “Hmm…that sure is suspicious that the police are always at the scene of the crime,” would get more than a few odd looks.
But yet, this is exactly what we are doing with cholesterol. Cholesterol is at the scene of the crime, but isn’t the underlying cause. The underlying cause of heart disease is inflammation and damage that causes weakness in the blood vessels. In truth, lipoprotein cholesterol is sent as a band-aid to patch up tearing that occurs in your artery walls. Over time, this accumulates and becomes a secondary risk factor for heart disease; however, this doesn’t have to be the case. While Americans are busy looking for a quick fix to lower cholesterol levels, the real killer is escaping out the back door!
The key is to prevent or heal the damage naturally before cholesterol is sent in for damage control., But really, wouldn’t mainstream medicine have figured out by now? Tomorrow we will discuss why conventional medicine continues to portray cholesterol as the leading villain in America’s quest for heart health

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