Flu Prevention: Flu Shot or Not?

Comments: 0 | September 8th, 2011

Flu Shot or Not

We hear this question over and over again, year after year: Should I get a flu shot or not?  There is a lot of advertising that strongly advocates getting the flu vaccine annually. It’s easy to understand why so many people struggle with this decision.  You can’t blame them.  To us, the choice is clear. Absolutely, you should be very concerned about injecting yourself, or your children, with a foreign substance that contains a toxic combination of chemicals and harmful additives. These additives have unknown and even lasting consequences such as cognitive or behavioral impairment. On the less severe side, even the common are nasty such as developing flu-like symptoms lasting for days.

The Hotze medical team has developed a safe alternative for its patients.  It is similar to over-the-counter nasal sprays and anti-viral prescriptions, yet superior in many ways, for example, it is free of thimerosal. Hotze’s viral nasal spray enhances the body’s interferon levels, which is a protein found in the body, that fights all viruses not just one specific strand. Boosting the body’s immunity against all virus strands in order to effectively fight off any viral strand upon exposure is the best defense.

This is in contrast to the flu shot, which produces only antibodies to a specific strain of the flu virus. Basically, the flu shot is an educated guess as to what specific virus may be that year’s flu epidemic. If the manufacturer is wrong, the vaccine provides no protection at all. In fact, it’s estimated that the flu vaccine is effective only 11% of the time. Like those odds?

It also helps to use these supplements for prevention: probiotics, zinc, vitamin C, garlic, and vitamin D3 to name just a few.

Contrary to popular belief, good health cannot be obtained through vaccinations. Being injected with an unknown substance which contains ingredients foreign to the human body is not the best idea, particularly when there are simpler solutions that are much safer and effective in warding off the flu.

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