Got the “Baby Blues”? Progesterone to the Rescue!

Comments: 0 | December 6th, 2011

Having a baby is to be an amazing, rewarding experience; however some moms just don’t feel like themselves after the birth of their child.  Many women experience the baby blues:  wanting to cry all the time, moodiness, lack of interest in and feeling disconnected from their baby, feelings of hopelessness, depression and unexplainable anxiety.  They to feel joy during this exciting time of their life, but they do.

Sounds simple, right?  However, mainstream doctors will run tests and check blood work, only to find out that the results are “normal,” and they will prescribe antidepressants, which do correct the underlying hormonal imbalance.  Remember:  is NOT a Prozac deficiency!

Taking bioidentical progesterone can eliminate your feelings of sadness and .  Best of all, you can begin to enjoy your new son or daughter like a mother should!  It’s simply a matter of replacing what’s missing using bioidentical hormones.  Your baby blues be a thing of the past!

Has your doctor told you that the only way to fix your baby blues was with an antidepressant?  Share your experience with us!

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