Looking for an Alternative to Diet Coke?

Comments: 0 | August 3rd, 2011

For many embarking on the yeast-free eating program January 11, there is a certain fear that comes to mind in going without sugar for 30 days. It’s the fear of withdrawal. I’m not referring to caffeine withdrawal, as you can have coffee and herbal teas on the yeast-free eating program. I’m talking about a Diet Coke addiction. You need your Diet Coke fix. You know who you are. Going without your aspartame-filled friend for 30 days has you shaking in your boots. You’re probably breaking out in a sweat just thinking about it. Well, dab off your brow and listen up, because I’m going to give you a great tip that will trick your taste buds and your brain.

Because I have your health in mind, I can’t go on without stating: You DO NOT need to be drinking diet drinks, period. I know, I know, you started drinking them to help you lose weight and now you can’t live without them. Well, what if I told you that aspartame has been shown to increase weight gain instead? If you are still drinking diet sodas as your penance, please read our blog on the Dangers of Artificial Sugars. Don’t ever say I didn’t warn you!

Now for the tip. During the yeast-free diet, many of us feel like we just want something else besides water, tea or coffee. Something with a little kick or flavor that makes us think that we’re drinking something off limits.

Enter Zevia. Zevia is a no calorie soda that uses all natural ingredients including stevia. If you are not familiar with stevia, it’s an herb that has been used for centuries as a sweetener and is native to South and Central America. And get this, it tastes like a diet drink. Bingo. It’s a good alternative to diet sodas and is a great treat while on the yeast-free eating program.

Check out www.Zevia.com for more information and to find out if a store in your area carries Zevia.

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