New War Waged Against Promising Cancer Treatment

Comments: 0 | November 18th, 2011

, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s revolutionary has come under attack once again. Following the Texas Medical Board’s (TMB) first failed attempt in 1996, the TMB has launched a new war armed with a new strategy to take down in an effort to revoke his medical license, close the Burzynski Clinic, and stop treatment for all current cancer patients who would be left abandoned with no other hope for a cure. Meanwhile, this year’s latest medicinal breakthroughs featured in the news have been all about gene-targeted cancer therapies calling it the wave of the future. Many of these articles splash headlines such as – Major Shift in War on Cancer: Drug Studies Focus on Genes of Individual Patients., Ironic you might say?

While the rest of the world has only recently begun to pay attention to this hopeful new direction of targeted personalized therapies, Dr. Burzynski has been practicing and perfecting it for over a decade. With all the buzz in cancer treatment, why is Dr. Burzynski under attack for practicing, and saving lives, using the same targeted personalized therapies when other industry experts are just now acknowledging its potential? In fact, as recently as November 2011, top officials at the American Society of Clinical Oncology officially announced that cancer research needs to focus more on targeted therapies and personalized diagnosis and treatment.

According to Dr. Burzynski’s defense attorney Richard Jaffe, “When you have 550,000 people dying of a disease every year, why should the cancer chemotherapists tell you there is nothing more you can do? Why shouldn’t that be your choice rather than the cancer establishment? And that’s what is really involved in this case.”

: The use of medications prescribed based only on the patient’s genetic markers.
 , • Blood Sample + Tissue Sample = Full evaluation of that patient’s entire cancerous geno.
 , Based the individual’s genetic data, Dr. Burzynski chooses from a wide array of FDA approved drugs for that person’s treatment. From this, Dr. Burzynski prescribes a very delicate combination of these FDA approved drugs that is tailored to that person’s genetic signature. Dr. Burzynski selects these medications not based on what the FDA approved them for, but on the individual patient’s genetic markers. Essentially, the names of the drugs and the conditions that they had been approved for are irrelevant in this decision process. The only thing that is relevant is the genes that these medications have been shown to affect.

Experts predict gene-targeted personalized therapies will be a common practice in cancer treatment in ten years, but what about all the people who don’t have that luxury? What if they don’t have ten years, and they are fighting for their lives….are we supposed to sit around and wait, hoping for the best, or should we be allowed the freedom to choose our own cancer treatment and preserve the future of antineoplastons – the most groundbreaking,  gene-targeted therapy the world has ever seen?

The Texas Medical Board vs. Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski will happen on April 11, 2012 if we don’t all do something to stop it.  Please join us in the fight by taking action! Please write letters, send faxes, make phone calls, and send emails relentlessly to all of the Texas representatives: Texas Governor Rick Perry, Texas Congressmen and Texas Senators.  To find out who represents you, go to:

For more information on Dr. Burzynski and his gene-targeted cancer therapies, please watch this .  

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