Preventing Heart Disease by Treating Hypothyroidism

Comments: 0 | July 29th, 2011

As we discussed yesterday, there is a correlation between hypothyroidism and heart disease. If hypothyroidism is a cause of heart disease, then we would expect that treating hypothyroidism would lower the rate of heart disease, right?  This is just the question that our meticulous researcher and thyroid expert, Dr. Broda Barnes, began to test.
The best place to test this hypothesis was in a patient setting. Dr. Barnes compared the rate at which heart disease was seen among his patients while treating hypothyroidism with desiccated thyroid. Among 1,569 patients, which he followed over the course of 8,824 patient-years, only four new cases of coronary heart disease were observed while treating hypothyroidism. This is a 94 percent reduction in the expected incidence of coronary heart disease, which is huge! Statin drugs don’t even come close to touching that statistic.
In Russia, researchers found that while feeding cholesterol alone increased heart disease in rabbits, adding thyroid neutralized this effect. Instead of focusing on the latter findings regarding the benefits of treating hypothyroidism, researchers latched onto the cholesterol theory and completely ignored the important role that treating hypothyroidism plays in the prevention of heart disease.
Additionally, in 1971, Dr. James C. Wren reported an extensive five year study with 347 patients that had heart disease. In treating hypothyroidism among those patients, Dr. Wren saw a 44 percent lower death rate in his thyroid treatment group than expected. Swiss investigators have also shown that low thyroid function increases abnormal clotting and can be corrected by treating hypothyroidism.
Despite Dr. Broda Barnes’ groundbreaking research on hypothyroidism, conventional medicine has chosen a path built on a disease model of care rather than true healthcare. Prevention through natural means has been pushed aside, and quick to take its place is a plethora of expensive drugs that comes with a host of side effects.
As a nation, we have become skilled in patching up the damage rather than addressing the root issue. While most Americans are busy trying to lower their cholesterol with statin drugs while simultaneously disregarding their diet, mainstream medicine is ignoring the impact that treating hypothyroidism can have in preventing heart disease. Incidentally, did you know that when treating hypothyroidism with desiccated thyroid, abnormally high cholesterol levels often lower naturally? Now, how often do you hear of side benefits in the drug advertisements on TV?
If you are concerned that hypothyroidism could run in your family, thus play a role in your heart health, please take our to see if you might benefit from treating hypothyroidism.,  

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