Top 5 Habits That Can Help You Lose Weight

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Losing weight can be a challenge. Even with the best intentions, the motivation to eat cleanly and exercise can dwindle if the pounds just aren’t dropping. The trick is to make little changes to your lifestyle that have big, lasting effects. Below are some pointers to get you started on your journey towards a healthier you.

  1. Evaluate your diet

Top 5 Habits That Can Help You Lose WeightIt’s time to be real with yourself. For a week, write down everything you eat and any exercise you do during that time. Try to be as accurate as possible. This practice is for you. If you underestimate portion sizes and overestimate the effort you put in at the gym, the only person who loses is you. You can write out this diet and exercise journal by hand, but there are several apps or websites that make inputting data a breeze, especially when you’re leading a busy lifestyle. After the week is over, go back through your entries. Evaluate them as objectively as a stranger would. Are you eating too much sugar? Slacking on your workouts? Having lots of late night snacks?


  1. Simplify your eating habits

Now that you’ve been honest with yourself, it’s time to implement some changes. Start at a macro level and work down to the micro details. From your week of journal keeping, you should have noticed some overarching themes. If your diet is heavy in yeast-rich, starchy foods, try to minimize those. Focus on whole foods, like leafy greens, lean proteins, and organic fruits and vegetables. Minimize the processed foods and shop the produce aisles instead. Another good trick is standardizing your eating practice. Always eat at a table. Portion your meals into dishes and never eat from the bag. Find a few healthy, balanced meals and snacks that you love eating. Rotate those throughout the week, so you get into a more comfortable eating routine. This is about healing your relationship with food and unlearning any bad habits. Also, try to stop eating after a certain time each night. Dinner should always be your last meal. Late night snacks can lead to binge sessions and disrupted sleep.  A good rule of thumb is to avoid eating anything within three hours of going to bed.

  1. Get health testing

It’s possible that you’re having health problems, which are affecting your ability to lose weight. Issues like hypothyroidism, candida, adrenal fatigue, and allergies can affect your metabolism and energy levels, which will slow down your progress. Have yourself tested for these things, especially if you’re experiencing other negative symptoms besides difficulty losing weight.

  1. Reward yourself

Set small rewards for each milestone you reach. Let’s say for every 5 pounds lost, you’ll treat yourself to a gift. These can be anything you want, like a new top for the gym or a spa treatment. (Keep in mind that these rewards should never be food.) These rewards will help ensure you stay motivated and on track.

  1. Consult a health specialist

You don’t have to walk this path alone. At Hotze Health & Wellness Center, we have so many wonderful trained specialists who can work with you. We’re experts in health and healing your body, so you can become the best version of yourself. Call us today at 1-877-698-8698 to find out more about the programs and treatments we can offer you.

Written By: STEVEN F. HOTZE, M.D.

Steven F. Hotze, M.D., is the founder and CEO of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Hotze Vitamins and Physicians Preference Pharmacy International, LLC.

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