When Diet Soda Expands Your Waist Size

Comments: 0 | September 13th, 2011

, While most Americans who purchase diet drinks are well-intentioned, these consumers are way off course from their actual diet. As many believe they are being “good” by opting for the “diet” version of their favorite cold beverage, in actuality they are doing far more harm than good specifically to their weight as well as overall health.

In fact, a recent study from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio showed that men and women who consumed diet drinks saw their waist sizes expand 70 percent more than participants in the study who avoided diet drinks. It’s shocking, isn’t it? If it wasn’t frightening enough to discover in a , the toxin formaldehyde is in the popular artificial sweetener, aspartame, and now the facts are clear that even these “diet drinks” don’t even assist in keeping your weight down contrary to mass consumer marketing.

When you evaluate the study findings, it makes sense. This data we’re about to share is information we have been advocating for years. Now that we have your attention, we’ll explain what’s behind these expanding waist lines and warn you of the additional dangers; for more information far beyond the weight gain, please check out our .

As recently reported in , a 10-year study followed 474 men and women ranging from age 65 to 74. Researchers found that those who consumed two or more diet sodas per day increased their waist circumference five times more than those study participants who did not consume diet sodas. Due to due similar findings related to mice, they determined that artificial sweeteners likely trigger appetite yet don’t provide the calories to satisfy the craving. In particular, aspartame has been shown to contribute to weight gain by increasing cravings. Studies have suggested that the artificial sweeteners promote more eating by inhibiting brain cells that tells your body when you’re full and when to stop eating. Hmm, this explains the weight gain which can be attributed to our friendly foe: diet soda.

Stop and think before you consume one more diet drink, or you will be doing your body as well as your brain a huge disservice in more ways than one.,  

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