Adrenal Fatigue: “All I want for Christmas is My Health”

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adrenal fatigue

If you were to write a letter to Santa, would it go something like this?

Dear Santa,

I’m a mom in desperate need of help. I am constantly exhausted. It is extremely difficult for me to be there for my husband and children. All day long, I lie down and rest, but I still feel very tired, and I can’t focus or concentrate. I had to leave my job because I could hardly function at work. I anxious all the time and even the smallest things stress me out now. I am depressed and I have horrible headaches. . THIS IS NOT ME! I have a good life. There is no reason for me to feel this way.

Can you please help me? If I could only ask for one thing this Christmas, it would be to have my health back. That way my children can get their mom back, my husband can get his wife back, and I can get my life back. Thank you.


Ann Marie

Adrenal fatigue has many negative effects on your health, and one of the most debilitating symptoms is extreme exhaustion. No matter what you do or how much you try to rest, you are still tired. This lack of energy can severely affect your quality of life and your ability to be the mom, wife and friend that you want to be.

What is Adrenal Fatigue?
Adrenal fatigue occurs when the adrenal glands cannot produce enough of your stress hormone, cortisol , to meet the demands of your body. Your adrenal glands are worn out, so you feel increasingly fatigued, stressed and anxious. Many other health conditions may occur as a result. Adrenal fatigue can be caused by chronic stress, or acute or chronic infections such as the flu, bronchitis or pneumonia. Things such as lack of sleep, work, deadlines, financial stress, injuries, illnesses, and emotional conflicts can also lead to adrenal fatigue.

Here are 20 signs you could have adrenal fatigue:

1. Severe fatigue – the number one symptom of adrenal fatigue
2. Anxiety or panic attacks
3. Hair loss
4. Muscle and joint pain
5. Chronic fatigue
6. Dizziness or lightheadedness upon standing
7. Hypotension (low blood pressure)
8. Heart palpitations
9. Difficulty “bouncing back” from stress
10. Recurrent infections
11. Allergies and/or asthma
12. Irregular menstrual cycles
13. Infertility
14. Low libido
15. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
16. Cold and heat intolerance
17. Depression
18. Headaches
19. More vulnerable to infections
20. Heal more slowly than those with healthy adrenal glands

Natural Solution for Adrenal Fatigue
At Hotze Health & Wellness Center, we treat adrenal fatigue with bioidentical cortisol. Cortisol is your naturally occurring stress hormone. Without it, you literally could not survive. When your adrenal glands become exhausted, your natural cortisol levels drop significantly. Physiological levels of cortisol are essential for good health as it boosts your immune system, increasing your resistance to infections and inflammation. Cortisol is also important in promoting the absorption of both thyroid and sex hormones by the cells of your body.

In addition to bioidentical cortisol, DHEA, another hormone produced by the adrenal glands, can also help with adrenal fatigue. Levels of DHEA peak in young adulthood and then begin to decline. Supplementing often enhances energy, immunity, and libido. Vitamin C is also used to support the adrenal glands.

Get Your Life Back

Do you want to make your Christmas wish come true? Let us help you.  Contact a wellness consultant today for a complimentary wellness consultation at 281-698-8698. It’s time to live the life you deserve!

Merry Christmas!

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