Dr. Hotze’s 4 Cornerstones for Men’s Health

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Men, are you wanting to step up your game and feel your best? Good health is about more than just optimal testosterone levels. It’s important to treat the whole person so you can achieve optimal health and energy, naturally. Discover Dr. Hotze’s 4 cornerstones for men’s health.

Podcast Transcription

Stacey B.: Welcome to Dr. Hotze’s Wellness Revolution. I’m Stacey Bandfield here with Dr. Steven Hotze, founder of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center. And if you haven’t already done so, then please go to HotzePodcast.com, that’s H-O-T-Z-E podcast.com, you can download all kinds of useful and helpful information about how to get healthy and well naturally, of course. And so today, this one is for the men. Things that men may not know about testosterone, or really more of a myth, that maybe that’s all you need, is testosterone, if you’re going to be absolutely fine. But that’s not quite the case, is it, Dr. Hotze?

Dr. Hotze: Well, it’s not, Stacey. Although testosterone is very important for men as they age, testosterone alone, without any additional hormone supplementation, or vitamin and mineral supplementation, won’t restore a gentleman, or a man, to his full health. And so that’s why it’s important for you to have a doctor and a staff of professionals who can coach you onto a path of health and wellness naturally, without using pharmaceutical drugs.

Your Cells Need to Produce Energy

So, as you mature, you have  energy. And the whole goal here, in a good wellness program for you, is to enable your cells to produce energy. And that occurs within the cells. You have about 73 trillion cells, and within every cell you have power plants, mitochondria that produce energy, electrical energy. Some cells have a few power plants, or mitochondria, and some have thousands, like in your heart, because you need a lot of energy in your heart because it’s beating all the time. So, the whole goal of a health and wellness program is to enable your cells’ power plants to produce high voltage, high levels of electrical energy. That’s what it is. We produce electrical energy, we’re a bundle of electricity. When we check your EKG when you go to the doctor, that’s an electrocardiogram. If you check somebody’s brain function, you do an EEG, an electroencephalogram. We measure brain waves, those are currents, those are electrical currents. You’re a bundle of currents, and in order to be healthy you have to produce high voltage, high levels of electricity, energy, within…electrical energy within your cells.

Then the cells’ biochemical processes can all function, because they have to have energy to function. And then, when the cells work well, then your organs are going to work well, and  you’re going to be healthy. So the whole goal of a health and wellness program is to enable your cells to produce high levels of energy. Testosterone is simply one element in male health that helps men be able to produce energy within their cells. So let’s make it clear what happens.

4 Cornerstones of Good Health

1. Good Nutrition: First and foremost, you have to put good food in your body. You have to have good nutrition, right? That means you,  So what we recommend is an elimination of all the simple carbohydrates and sugars. We do an elimination of that for at least a solid month, you have none whatsoever, and that includes sugar from fruit, as well. So no sugars at all. And also we recommend good levels of healthy oils in your body, and fats. That could be eggs, and butter, and fish oil, it can be avocados and olives. Good, healthy, organically grown green vegetables, then a small amount of protein. A small amount. Three, four ounces a day max is all you’re going to need. That’s the first thing we do.

2. Replenish Hormones: The second thing is we recommend that you replenish your hormones and testosterone is a part of that. But, very commonly, individuals also need some supplementation with natural thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormone is what enables the power plants in your cell to be activated to produce energy.

And if you don’t have enough active thyroid hormone within the cells, no matter what you have in your blood, and you can be well within the normal range, in fact 95% of the people are going to fall within the normal range. That’s how they measure what’s normal, wherever 95% of the people fall. And remember, it’s not healthy people who are getting their thyroid hormone checked, it’s usually people that are feeling poor. So you’re going to get a level that’s much lower than a general population of healthy people, and it’s as tall as the Empire State Building, wide as the Grand Canyon. And you can hardly fall out of the range. If you’re out of the range, only 5% of the people will fall out of the range, so you can have all the symptoms of low thyroid, your thyroid levels can decline 50%, and still you’re within the range.

Testosterone in males enables the cells to properly convert the inactive thyroid hormone to the active thyroid hormone, so testosterone plays a role in your body’s metabolism. It’s important, but it’s not the sole thing. You also have adrenal hormones that are important. Pregnenolone, which is the mother of all hormones. Remember, your hormones come from cholesterol. Cholesterol’s very important, molecule made by the body, it is the building block of all your sex hormones and your adrenal hormones. It is very important. So cholesterol gets converted to pregnenolone, which then goes through a series of pathways and is converted to a host of different adrenal and sex hormones. Androstenedione, DHEA. It’s also converted to, in women, estrogen, estradiol, estriol, estrone. It’s converted to progesterone. Men make a little progesterone, as well as women make a lot progesterone.

And it’s important for DHEA, Dehydroepiandrosterone, which is a very important androgen hormone that is made. So you need to have your hormone levels checked and balanced out. It’s like this, as we age, hormone levels decline. It’s like when you get a glass of water, or a glass of tea, and you’re in a restaurant and you drink and you’ve only got a little bit left. You want to keep the glass full, so the waiter comes back, says, “May I fill up your glass?” “Sure, fill up the glass, that’d be fine.” You want a full glass of water, or a full glass of tea, or you might…full cup of coffee. So, it’s the same way in your hormones in your body, as they decline you want to replenish those and keep them within a normal range.

3. Detoxify Your Body: The third thing that you want to do is detoxify your body with your natural vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals are substances which aren’t made in the body, or by the human body, they have to be made from without, and taken from without, exogenously, orally. Although we do have bacteria in our gut that do produce some vitamins, in our gut, that we absorb, but our bodies can’t make vitamins, and our bodies don’t make minerals. We have to get those through our diet. Those are very important in detoxification.

What happens is your mitochondria, your power plants, become toxic because of all the toxins to which we’re exposed. And you’ve got to detoxify that, and so there’s a host of good vitamins and minerals that are important for you to take, and your physician needs to make those recommendations, and that’s what we do here at the Hotze Health & Wellness Center.

4. Exercise Regularly: Then there’s a good exercise program that you need to be on, that also stimulates energy production within the cells. So those are four cornerstones of the foundation. Good healthy eating lifestyle, replenishment of your hormones, and, men, not just testosterone, but also thyroid and maybe some of the adrenal hormones. Cortisol is one too, that’s a stress hormone that’s important, that often goes down as we age.

And you want to have vitamins and minerals to help you detox, and a good exercise program. If you have allergies, of course, those ought to be treated. We test for airborne and food allergies, and we also give sublingual drops rather than shots to build up blocking antibodies for those. So, if you think that the be-all and cure-all for you is simply testosterone, and that’s all your doctor is offering you, is testosterone, maybe with some B12…a lot of doctors won’t even give that, but you may be going to a center, that that’s what they specialize in. They’re not addressing the whole person, you’ve got to address the whole person, and make sure in every area of your health that you’re doing everything you possibly can to enable your power plants to produce high voltage.

We want you to be a high voltage individual, a live wire so to speak, rather than a brownout, okay? And a lot of people are operating in a brownout phase, it just…they have no energy. And if your energy level’s poor I can promise you, that’s because you’re producing low levels of energy within your cells in the power plants, the mitochondria. And that can be corrected, but it’s a comprehensive program, it’s not just one thing that’s going to do it, but it’s a comprehensive program. And that’s what we do at the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, is that we coach you onto a path of health and wellness. And actually, now, everybody needs a coach in life. I don’t care if it’s in business, I don’t care if you’re an orator, I don’t care if you play the piano, or play golf, you have to have a coach, a teacher. Somebody to train you.

And that’s what we do here at the Hotze Health & Wellness Center. It gives you some support, and we also hold you accountable, to get on the program. And once you make that decision to do a 180 and take charge of your health, you want some support on doing that…

Stacey B.: That’s right.

Dr. Hotze: …because there’s going to be a lot of obstacles in the way, and you want to align yourself with those people that practice what they’re encouraging you to do, at that’s what we do here at the Hotze Health & Wellness Center.

Stacey B.: That’s right. Dr. Hotze said it best, it’s a comprehensive program, it’s not a one-size-fits-all, it is not a cookie cutter approach. And so we’ve got a couple of tools that do set us apart that I know you’d be interested in. One is our symptom checker. You can go online to Hotzehwc.com, that’s H-O-T-Z-E hwc.com, take our symptom checker. It’s very easy, it can give you a better idea of where you’re at.

And of course we offer complimentary wellness consultations. We’d love to have a conversation with you during the consultation, and all you have to do there is to give us a call, at (281) 698 – 8698, that’s (281) 698 – 8698. It will be a pleasure to serve you and have that conversation with you. And, of course, always wonderful having you join us at Dr. Hotze’s Wellness Revolution.


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