Dr. Hotze’s Top 10 Podcasts of 2022

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Do you want to learn more about how to regain your energy and vitality through natural approaches to health? On Dr. Hotze’s Wellness Revolution Podcast, he interviews like-minded experts who share their knowledge on natural health and wellness. He also interviews guests who have had a health transformation on our wellness program who share their testimonials to help others. Their stories will inspire you. Here are Dr. Hotze’s top 10 podcasts of 2022.

Dr. Hotze’s Top 10 Podcasts of 2022

1. Natural Solution for Severe Child Eczema and Allergies

Has your child been suffering from severe, painful eczema? Watch as Dr. Hotze and his long-time guest, Kathryn, discuss her son Eddie’s immune health and how he went from suffering with extreme eczema and painful skin rashes, food allergies, low energy, and low body weight to a healthy little boy. Learn about the innovative immunotherapy solution that was used to help him. Now Eddie is a happy and thriving 7-year-old!

2. Natural Solutions for Infertility and Early Menopause

Have you been told that you will never be able to have children? As a child, Kathryn was in a terrible accident that put her into early menopause in her 20s.  She saw over 50 doctors all over the country who had no  solution for her. She felt hopeless. In 2010, at the urging of her father and husband, she made a trip to Houston to visit the Hotze Health & Wellness Center as a last resort. This experience changed her life. After being told by countless doctors that conceiving a child was not possible, she gave birth to her first child in 2011. She now has a beautiful family and will be expecting baby #7 in April!

3. Vitamins for Longevity with Donald Ellsworth, M.D.

We all age, but have you ever thought about looking at the aging process as a disease that can be treated? It’s time to think outside the box when it comes to aging and longevity. Watch Dr. Donald Ellsworth as he shares insights into the aging process, and how animal studies show a direct correlation between aging, disease, and certain vitamin and nutrient levels. He also shares important information about supplements you can take that can help support the aging process, naturally.

4. How Natural Health Care Energized and Improved Peggy’s Life

Dr. Hotze and his guest, Peggy discuss her life-changing journey. Traditional doctors failed her for many years. After coming to the Hotze Health & Wellness center, she realized after just three weeks into the program that her joint pain was gone and climbing stairs became easy. Her energy level has gone from a 2 to a 9 (out of 10) and she has lost almost 30 pounds! Watch now and learn how you can improve your energy, eliminate joint and muscle pain, and feel bulletproof!

5. Broadband Light Therapy (BBL) (and more) for Beautiful Skin with Bailie Munoz

When you feel great, you want to look great, too. There are several natural solutions for correcting sun damage and stimulating collagen production to reveal younger, healthier looking skin. Dr. Hotze and Bailie Munoz, the Aesthetician at the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, discuss Broadband Light (BBL) therapy and other aesthetic services, such as SkynTyte, SkinPen and Halo Pro, that are safe and effective for both corrective and preventative treatments.

6. Dental Health and Disease – The Dangers of Root Canals with Dr. Blanche Grube – Part 1

Watch Dr. Hotze and special guest, Dr. Blanche Grube, as they discuss the correlation between dental health, root canals, and disease. Dr. Grube is a renowned thought leader in biological dentistry and is co-developer of the “The Huggins – Grube Protocol.” Dr. Grube was mentored by the late Dr. Hal Huggins, and helped him develop an integrated system that incorporates multiple safety factors to enhance immune recovery by removing all toxic materials from the mouth. Dr. Grube currently runs The Huggins-Grube Dental Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

7. Dental Health and Disease – The Dangers of Root Canals with Dr. Blanche Grube – Part 2

Watch Dr. Hotze and Dr. Blanche Grube as they continue their discussion on the correlation between dental health, root canals, and systemic disease. Discover how your dental health has a direct impact on your overall health.

8. A Family Affair – Autoimmune Thyroiditis – Sheri’s Testimonial

Do you struggle with low energy, poor sleep, weight gain, hair loss, brain fog, fibromyalgia, or other unexplained symptoms? Did your doctor tell you that your tests are all “normal,” but you don’t feel normal? That’s Sheri’s story. After coming to the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, it wasn’t long before her health improved, and she was feeling 20 years younger! A few changes to her eating plan, vitamins and mineral supplementation, and natural thyroid were a game changer for Sheri’s life and for her family. Sheri’s husband and children were diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (autoimmune thyroiditis) and treated successfully after going undiagnosed for so many years. Watch as Dr. Hotze discusses with Sheri the specific therapies that helped her and her family get their lives back!

9. How Testosterone and Thyroid Affect Men’s Health

In this podcast, Dr. Hotze talks about testosterone, low thyroid function and heart disease in men. He explains how testosterone, thyroid hormones, and heart health are interrelated. In addition to hormone levels declining with age, toxins in the environment can decrease the production of male hormones, as well. Dr. Hotze discusses the importance of maintaining optimal hormone levels as men age. Learn his secret to increased energy, vitality, drive, and better moods!

10. Life Extension with Suzanne Somers

Watch Dr. Hotze and Suzanne Somers talk about how to age well and extend your lifespan naturally. Extending your life depends on your ability to restore, improve and maintain proper nutrients and hormones to slow the aging process. Suzanne Somers is one of America’s most popular and beloved personalities – an actress, singer, comedienne, New York Times bestselling author, Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year, entrepreneur, and lecturer. After denying traditional cancer treatment, Suzanne spent years researching natural alternatives. This allowed her to gain knowledge about the aging process and how to extend life naturally.

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