Xenoestrogens: Detrimental to Your Health

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XenoestrogensBy now everyone is aware of the option for green cleaning products, organic produce, paraben free cosmetics, aluminum free deodorants, and natural laundry detergents, but does it really make a difference in your health? You bet it does. Today our focus will be xenoestrogens.

Estrogen is a natural occurring hormone in humans and mammals. It promotes the reproduction, blood clotting and impacts bone health. Our body thrives for a homeostasis, which is the proper balance of the body through triggering or shutting down chemical pathways.

Xenoestrogens are fake hormones that can be easily stored in our fat cells. These chemicals that act like estrogen in our bodies alter the normal bodily functions and disrupt hormone balance. The buildup of xenoestrogens causes problems such as predisposition to cancer (such as breast, uterine, ovarian, prostate, and testicular cancer), hypothyroidism, weight gain, endometriosis, fibroids, irregular cycles, breast tenderness, poor memory, body fat gain, diabetes, miscarriages, infertility, endometriosis, weight gain, early puberty in boys and girls, etc.

We are surrounded by these substances and exposed to them on a daily basis. Our world is fully contaminated. These chemicals are in our food and in the water that wash off from fruits and vegetables that were sprayed with pesticides, plastic water bottles and plastic containers such as Tupperware, nail polish, hair products, make-up, laundry detergents, birth control pills or synthetic hormones, commercially available dairy products that had been given growth hormone, dryer sheets and fabric softeners, soy, vegetable oils, shampoos and conditioners, styrofoam, air fresheners, etc.

Hormones are signals released by a gland telling a tissue what to do. When these xenoestrogens come in place, they have the ability to mimic our natural hormones, blocking or binding to those receptors. This is detrimental to our health!

This is a list of common names of these chemicals according to the Environmental Working Group:

*4-Methylbenzylidene camphor (4-MBC) (sunscreen lotions)
* butylated hydroxyanisole / BHA (food preservative)
* atrazine (weedkiller)
* bisphenol A (monomer for polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resin; antioxidant in plasticizers)
* dieldrin (insecticide)
* DDT (insecticide)
* endosulfan (insecticide)
* erythrosine / FD&C Red No. 3
* heptachlor (insecticide)
* lindane / hexachlorocyclohexane (insecticide)
* methoxychlor (insecticide)
* nonylphenol and derivatives (industrial surfactants; emulsifiers for emulsion polymerization; laboratory detergents; pesticides)
* polychlorinated biphenyls / PCBs (in electrical oils, lubricants, adhesives, paints)
* parabens (lotions)
* phenosulfothiazine (a red dye)
* phthalates (plasticizers) o DEHP (plasticizer for PVC)

12 Ways to Minimize Exposure to Chemicals
1. Read your labels and do not use anything that has a name that you cannot pronounce.
2. Use chemical free and unbleached feminine and paper products.
3. Filter your shower and faucet water to avoid chlorine and fluoride contamination.
4. Be picky about your make-up, hair and hygiene products.
5. Avoid perfumes and fragrances, use essential oils instead.
6. Eat clean organic fruits, vegetables and meat.
7. Peel any non-organic fruits and vegetables, although the inner side is also contaminated, it limits the content.
8. Buy hormone-free dairy and meats.
9. Do not use plastic containers and avoid the microwave.
10. Always use glass or ceramic containers for food and stainless steel or glass for beverages.
11. Never freeze or reuse a plastic water bottle.
12. Open your window or get an air purifier to get rid of noxious gases from dry cleaner’s clothes, new furniture, appliances, carpets, paint, etc.

Take action and apply the above steps to your life – your body will thank you. Please check EWG.org to see if your products meet the clean criteria. There is also a healthy living app that can be downloaded to check the ratings for food and personal care products. Start today – you’re worth it!

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