Sex and Natural Hormones

August 1, 2011

 While baby boomers never stop talking about sex, the aging process is robbing them of the pleasure of having sex.
The mind says “yes” and the body says “maybe not”.
Long before celebrity placed our waning sexual desire into the spotlight, I spent many years treating women with problems reaching orgasm, loss of interest in sex, vaginal dryness and every other issue associated with hormonally induced loss of sex drive.
Ten years ago, the women I saw who brought up problems with sex as they aged were few and far between. The primary reason women came to see me to have their hormones balanced was the devastation that came from hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia. Women did not think they had the right to want to continue to desire sex as they got older. Sex was after all the domain of the young…
Now, thousands of women later and with the permission given by celebrity, sex has taken its rightful position at the top of the problem list for us, the baby boomers and all our followers.
We all look at celebrities and assume they must have great sex lives because they are beautiful, rich and famous. When a celebrity writes a book about staying sexy in menopause like Suzanne Somers did a couple of years ago and attributes her sexiness to the use of natural hormones everyone runs to get the natural hormones.

I am deeply grateful to all my celebrity patients who have helped raise awareness and make it okay for every normal woman and man to realize that you can and should have sex forever.
Now we can all have more access to the promise and solutions offered by natural hormones in the area of sexual well-being.
So what is the lowdown on natural hormones and sex?
Human sexuality is very complex. Books have been written, radio and TV shows make a good living off it, research is continuously being conducted, answers abound, questions remain.
Our sexuality combines the state of mind with the state of the body.
If the two are not in complete concert, things just don’t work well for either women or men., A moist vagina will not make you have an orgasm if the man you are having sex with is harsh and rough. It is more likely to make your vagina go dry instantly.
Conversely, mind ready to have sex, will not turn a dry, hormone deprived vagina into a moisturized and inviting place. Pain and recurrent urinary tract infections will make the experience of sex unpleasant and turn off even the most willing woman., But do not despair, there is hope and I dispense it every day of my practice., Before we give away the secrets we need to make some assumptions.
For the sake of this particular piece, let’s assume a few important facts:

–          You are in love with your partner and find him/her sexy
–          You want to have sex and love the thought of being touched, caressed by your partner and like    
            touching and caressing, fondling him/her
–          You believe that having sex will keep you feeling young and looking good.
–          Sex is a very important part of feeling alive
–          You are willing to dedicate quality time to having good sex and maintaining your sex life active forever
–          You are committed to having good, enjoyable sex
Now, with the understanding that the above facts represent your true feelings about sex, I will give you the information of how and if natural hormones can help you achieve your goal.
Lack of sex hormones – estrogen, progesterone and testosterone – translates into lack of interest in sex. All the Viagra in the world will not help you get turned on and have an orgasm if you don’t have enough sex hormones in the right combination. Look at all the twenty year olds who cannot think of anything else but sex. What is the difference between them and us? From the hormonal standpoint they have an overabundance of hormones, we don’t.
How do we correct this? You already know, you bring the missing sex hormones back into the mix.
But you do not use synthetic impostors to improve hormone balance, you use the natural/bioidentical hormones. The same ones we use to eliminate your hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia and depression.
So, natural hormones are the perfect treatment for a hormone based loss of sex drive. The type of natural hormones in proper combinations and doses are critical to success., You’ve heard about testosterone. I know that because every day I get a few e-mails asking about testosterone. Books have been written about the use of testosterone to improve sex drive. Scientific data have only partially validated the use of testosterone alone. So while testosterone is good, it is only part of the solution. We need estrogen and progesterone as well in the mix.
The solutions are simple; we need natural hormones to get our sexuality back or keep it while we age, we need stimulation and constant attention to sex to keep young and sexy., Combine the two and you have a happy, sexy normal person for life. You don’t have to be rich or famous to enjoy sex if your hormones are in proper balance!

Written By: Steven F. Hotze, M.D.

Steven F. Hotze, M.D., is the founder and CEO of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Hotze Vitamins and Physicians Preference Pharmacy International, LLC.


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