How to Attack Allergy Symptoms for Good!

Comments: 4 | March 10th, 2014

Are allergies making you feel miserable and interfering with your life?

Are you or a loved one affected by allergy symptoms?  Allergies are everywhere. Do you spend a good portion of each year just not feeling well?  Allergy symptoms can range from mild to severe and can interfere with your work, relationships, and everyday activities.   When people think of allergies, symptoms such as coughing, sneezing and a runny nose typically come to mind.  However, there are several common allergy symptoms you need to be aware of:

allergy symptoms

Unfortunately, millions of Americans accept these symptoms as a way of life and are dependent on constant antihistamines, antibiotics and decongestants to try and manage their symptoms.

However, these over-the-counter and prescription medications can also negatively affect your health. They only attempt to mask the allergy symptoms and cause side effects such as fatigue, drowsiness, nausea, headaches, dizziness, dry mouth, loss of appetite, stomach upset, blurred vision and skin rashes.  By leaving allergies untreated, you are increasing the amount of inflammation and stress placed on your body and immune system, therefore increasing the risk for serious illness.

If you could get rid of your allergy symptoms naturally without the use of drugs and their side effects, would that be of interest to you?

Well, we have great news! Why take on even more negative health symptoms when you can get rid of your allergy symptoms naturally?  You can greatly reduce and even eliminate your allergy symptoms and asthma by resolving the underlying cause which involves strengthening your immune system.  By building up good blocking antibodies to the allergens to which you react, you can desensitize your immune system to those substances and actually block the allergy reaction. This allergy treatment is similar to an immunization, and desensitizes you to the allergens.

Boost your immune system naturally with allergy drops!

Sublingual allergy drops, or drops taken under the tongue, are a safe, effective and convenient allergy desensitization treatment.  Instead of driving to the doctor’s office for weekly allergy shots, you can simply put a few drops under your tongue and you are finished!

Allergy drops are widely used in Europe, and the World Health Organization recognizes sublingual allergy drops as a viable alternative to injections.  Allergy drops have little to no significant adverse reactions in comparison to allergy shots which frequently lead to reactions, some of which can be fatal.  Sublingual allergy drops deliver the results that you have been looking for in eliminating your allergies.

Are you wondering if your symptoms could be caused by allergiesTake our allergy symptom checker quiz TODAY.

Or, please share with us how you resolved your allergy symptoms naturally!


4 thoughts on “How to Attack Allergy Symptoms for Good!

  1. Dottie B.

    Thanks for the info!!!!! I’ve been looking for years for something like this!! WHERE can I buy these Allergy Drops??

    Dottie B.

    Jesus Saves!!!


    • Hotze Team

      We offer allergy drops at Hotze Health & Wellness Center. The first step is to make an appointment with our doctor who will administer testing to determine the proper dose of the allergens to which you react. Then we will prepare the allergy drops specifically for you. By treating you with the very allergens to which you react, antibodies are developed which will help block the allergy reaction. This allergy treatment is similar to an immunization, and desensitizes you to the allergens. Please contact a new guest consultant at 281-698-8698 to schedule your appointment today!


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