How to Lose 100 Pounds Naturally – Carol’s Story

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How to Lose 100 Pounds Naturally - Carol's Story

Are you struggling to lose weight? Through Carol’s story, you will discover the key to how to lose 100 pounds naturally.

Carol’s Story:

Like many women, I came to Hotze by way of desperation, and with the hand of divine intervention!! But, I was ready to give it all up two years ago because I could no longer hide my fatigue, depression, and pain from my guests. I could barely fake a smile when greeting my guests at the door, and was beginning to dread each and every reservation. It’s not as if I hadn’t tried to get better, but there were no longer any options out there for me.

I was in perimenopausal misery, my cycles were in the twilight zone, either nonexistent or in the emergency room with hemorrhaging; I was depressed, and had absolutely no reason to be; my mood swings were affecting everything in my life, most especially my marriage; my hair was thinning; I experienced extreme fatigue, with joint and muscle aches that didn’t make any sense; I had brain fog and memory loss, cold hands and feet, and, oh, did I mention that I was 100 lbs. overweight?

Failed by Blood Tests in the “Normal” Range

I was 45 years old, and I thought to myself, “Is this it for me?” I asked my doctor to give me Synthroid, but he couldn’t because my “blood test” came back in the normal range, which puzzled both of us. So, instead, he gave me an antidepressant! After two years on Zoloft, I took myself off because it was attacking my nervous system – go figure!!

A Ray of Hope

This brings me to November, 2005 – I didn’t have any other alternatives through traditional medicine, and had been praying for another way to be revealed to me. A wonderful couple brought me a gift of the book, Hormones, Health, and Happiness. They had no idea how incredible the timing was – they had only seen my health deteriorate through the years, and were concerned about their friend. I read the book, which made so much sense, and made an appointment.

After beginning the Hotze program, it was evident that I was suffering from hypothyroidism, and had been since I was a young girl. I was also estrogen dominant, and suffered from adrenal fatigue. And, not surprising, my obesity was linked to all of these conditions, as well as a hefty yeast overgrowth problem. I had my work cut out for me, but I was ready and committed. What I call the “Hotze process” has been an incredible journey for me – one of discovery and empowerment. From the start my body was singing relief, and I was more than grateful to have the support of the dedicated Hotze staff at my fingertips. . . a concept that is foreign to our traditional medical community.

100 Pound Weight Loss!

I am today, physically fit, emotionally stable, and, for the first time in my life, feel a “sense of well-being”.  I see hope, where I never did before. My “Hotze process” is ongoing, and I am energized to take charge of my health and happiness . . . as every person should. I’m now able to work hard, fall into bed, sleep through the night, and bounce back up the next morning. I have a renewed sense of passion, and look forward to every guest that walks through the door! I’m a happier wife, as well, that does not react to the least little thing anymore – my husband is also happier – ha, ha!! And, oh yeah, I’ve lost 100 lbs. – yippee!!!

I am humbly and sincerely grateful to Dr. Hotze for his compassion, vision, and dedication to educating us all about bioidentical hormones. To give hope to someone who is desperate is a precious gift . . . one that he gives freely, and lovingly. And I hope that my experience in this program helps make a difference with others. Thank you for allowing me to share my story of success!

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