Featured Podcast: How Brian Got His Hockey Game Back!

By: | Comments: 0 | July 5th, 2011

This week’s featured podcast is for the guys out there.  We had the privilege of having Brian on our radio program last week with Dr. Hotze.  His testimony connected with so many men in our listening audience who were experiencing the same thing Brian began to experience as he reached mid-life that we wanted to share it with our favorite audience: YOU!
 , A successful businessman, he knew that something was missing from his usual drive and stamina.  Like most men in mid-life, he began to experience the symptoms of hormonal decline.  Rather than sitting on the side lines, Brian decided to do something about it and called Hotze Health & Wellness Center.
 , And guess what happened?
 , Well, we will leave it up to Brian to tell you about it.  Listen to Brian’s Testimonial .

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