Ubiquinol Giveaway Winner & Today’s Health Headlines

By: | Comments: 0 | July 29th, 2011

Last week DrHotze.com told you .  We were so excited about the health benefits associated with CoQ10 that we couldn't help but give one lucky DrHotze.com reader a chance to try it firsthand.
 , So, whose heart will be thanking them immensely for adding to their supplement regimen?
 , Who will be receiving this lovely bottle pictured below?

Oh, I bet you are just dying to know!  OK, OK…we'll get right to it.
 , And the winner is…
 ,  , Wait for it.,  , Wait for it.,  , Congratulations, Donna! Donna is our lucky winner of Physician's Preference's Ubiquinol!
 , (Imagine celebratory music and confetti falling from the ceiling, Donna)
 , Donna's not the only one making the health headlines this afternoon.  For more news that's important to your health, check out the article below:
 , ?
 , Enjoy!,  

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