Recognizing Diabetes Symptoms in Men

June 9, 2016

Early symptoms of diabetes are often so minute that they can pass unnoticed. Diabetes develops when the pancreas can’t produce enough insulin, or the body is unable to effectively use the produced insulin. Since insulin is the hormone responsible for carrying sugar to the body’s cells, diabetes can be hugely damaging if left untreated. Early detection is imperative. Read on below to help recognize some warning signs of diabetes in men.

Increased Hunger and Thirst

Recognizing-Diabetes-Symptoms-in-MenThe foods you eat turn into glucose, which your body uses to fuel your cells. If glucose can’t access these cells properly, because your body isn’t making enough insulin or your cells have become resistant to the insulin hormone, you’ll have no energy. This plummet in energy levels often triggers increased fatigue and hunger. Eating more can result in significant weight changes, which are equally harmful to one’s health.

Diabetes is also a culprit in dehydration. A healthy body reabsorbs glucose through the kidneys, but an individual with diabetes already has increased blood sugar levels, which disrupts this natural process. Elevated glucose prevents proper reabsorption, causing a diabetic’s kidneys to produce excess urine in an attempt to excrete the sugar. This results in more frequent trips to the washroom, and because you’re losing more fluids than normal, you’ll be thirstier too. Naturally, since drinking more only causes more urination, you’ll quickly get trapped inside a vicious cycle.

Dry Mouth, Itchy Skin, and Blurry Vision

As a side effect of this dehydration, experiencing a dry mouth and itchy skin is not uncommon. Both conditions result from a depletion of fluids. The itchy, dry skin typically occurs in area of the genitals and lower legs. Blurry vision can also be caused by changes to the body’s fluid levels. The lenses in your eyes can swell, causing their shape to distort and impacting their ability to focus. A number of serious eye diseases can occur if diabetes is left untreated, such as glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy.

Sexual Dysfunction and Yeast Infections

Men with diabetes are at high risk of having erectile dysfunction, which is the inability to achieve or sustain an erection. Untreated diabetes is harmful to the automatic nervous system, which controls your body’s blood vessels and damage to them can prevent adequate blood flow to the penis. The male sex organs may also be susceptible to reoccurring yeast infections due to increased glucose, which the growing candida feeds upon.

Following a yeast-free diet can help reduce candida in the body, as well as lower your blood sugar levels. At Hotze Health & Wellness Center, we offer a natural treatment called The Candida Diet Solution that targets yeast overgrowth through diet modification. Although eliminating starchy, yeast-rich foods from your diet requires dedication and willpower, our expert staff and nutritionists will be guiding you every step of the way. You’ll be amazed by how a few simple modifications can cause vast improvements in your health. Call us today at 1-877-698-8698 to find out more about the holistic healing programs offered by Hotze Health & Wellness Center.


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Pam White
At Hotze Health and Wellness YOU can truly find restoration of your health and vibrant life! You will find the most caring and effective healthcare available! Don't hesitate call them today!!!
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Doctors are not the final authority in our journey of achieving/maintaining health and wellness but having a good team of doctors in your support and guidance community is not only helpful it is wise and also essential. The team and staff at Hotze Health and Wellness are health professionals that you can trust to help you navigate all the misinformation that may be keeping you separated from your optimal level of health.
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I’ve been a guest at this facility for 15 years. They are the most efficient, thorough and caring group of individuals I’ve ever experienced. Dr Hotze looks to change the way a typical doctor treats patients and looks for root causes to eliminate medical issues instead of treating “symptoms”. My life has improved 100% since my initial visit. The cost of the treatments are worth it.
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I cannot accurately describe in words how I feel about this practice and the entire staff. I have had quite a few health issues throughout the years, rheumatoid arthritis, sjogrens, weight gain, hair loss, irritability, and that is just the beginning. I had pretty much given up on feeling good, just decided to "live with it" and hope for the best. Two very close friends love the Hotze Wellness Clinic and they have experienced life changing health. Made my appointment and from the beginning I felt heard. Not a in and out fast food style practice. They are looked and are looking at my entire body for overall health and wellness. Connections from mind and body to clinical blood work, even dental questions....they care and I feel as if I can trust them. I am on a path to complete wellness and my goal is to have my RA back in remission as it once was....make yourself a priority. Having hope is an incredible feeling!