Diet, Hypothyroidism and Type 2 Diabetes

October 15, 2018

Did you know that 31 Million people in the United States are affected by type 2 diabetes? Dr. Hotze discusses how you can prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes naturally. Learn the connection between diet, hypothyroidism and type 2 diabetes.

Podcast Transcription:

Stacey Bandfield: Welcome to Dr. Hotze’s Wellness Revolution. I am Stacey Bandfield here with Dr. Steven Hotze, founder of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center. And if you have not downloaded our podcast yet, please do so at That’s H-O-T-Z-E Well today we’ve got a great topic because diabetes is just one of those conditions that afflicts a lot of people, but what is the connection between hypothyroidism and diabetes? Dr. Hotze.

Dr. Hotze: Thank you so much Stacey and thank each one of you for joining us today on Dr. Hotze’s Wellness Revolution. I believe that you need a doctor who has the knowledge and the ability with a staff of professionals to coach you onto a path of health and wellness naturally, so as you mature, you’ve got energy, vibrancy, get up and go, and vim and vigor without having to use a bunch of pharmaceutical drugs. You’re healthy naturally, you obtain and maintain health and wellness naturally. That’s our goal for you. And we’re going to talk today about a serious health problem.

Dr. Hotze: We’re talking today about diabetes. And diabetes afflicts, now this is hard to imagine, but it afflicts, in America, 30 million, nearly 31 million individuals today in 2018 have adult onset diabetes. And the cost of that to society, the cost of treating these people is $327 billion, with a B, dollars every year. That is a phenomenal cost of being unhealthy. And they’re talking about this doubling over the next 20 to 25 years. So why in the world are Americans afflicted…now, by the way, that’s diabetes, one in three adults have pre-diabetes and that has to do…their blood sugars are elevated but they’re not high enough to be considered diabetic but they’re above normal so they’re pre-diabetic. So one in three adults in America is pre-diabetic, that means they’re on the way to becoming full blown diabetics. And diabetes, of course, is associated with what – we’re talking about adult onset diabetes. What is it most commonly associated with?

Stacey Bandfield: With being overweight and, in fact, that’s why the term diabesity was coined was because they tend to go hand in hand.

Primary Cause of Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. Hotze: That’s exactly right. Now, in the United States of America, 70% of America, that means 70% of you that I’m speaking with are overweight and that predisposes you to developing adult onset diabetes. As a matter of fact, I’d say you’re overweight because you’re developing diabetes. Now, half the people that are overweight, this is 35% of the population, are obese. Now, obesity and diabetes in adults, or type 2 diabetes in younger people, is caused by one thing primarily. It’s a decline in their metabolism and associated with a high-sugar diet. And by a high-sugar diet I don’t mean just putting white sugar, or drinking a lot of Cokes, in your foods, I’m talking about a diet that is consistent with a high simple-carbohydrate diet. That’s pizza, pasta, tortillas, bread, chips, cookies, cakes, donuts – all the things that Americans eat all the time for comfort or because they’re hungry all the time.

Dr. Hotze: Well if you eat that all the time, you’re going to be hungry all the time because you get sugar highs, sugar lows, and you stay hungry. And guess what? All those products, those grain products, the pizza, pasta, cereals, all that, cakes, they’re made from grain products or potatoes or rice. All of these are simple carbohydrates. And simple carbohydrates are sugar molecules hooked together. They’re starches, so starches are sugar molecules hooked together and when you put them in your body they break down into sugar. So, all of the sudden you eat all of this, and you get a big rush of sugar in your body. Well, sugar is meant to be used within the power plants of your cells, the mitochondria, to create energy. But you get flooded with sugar. The pancreas in your body has to produce insulin.

Insulin Resistance

Dr. Hotze: Insulin is the hormone that drives sugar into your cells, so it can go to the power plants, the mitochondria, to produce energy. But what happens when you get flooded with sugar, your body responds by making high levels of insulin, and your cells literally become resistant to the very insulin that you’re making. It’s kind of like if you had, let’s just say for argument’s sake, to help you understand how this works, if you had loved ice cream, but you hadn’t eaten ice cream in three or four months and all of a sudden you went by and said, “Gee, I’m going to get myself a bowl of…I’m going to buy a half gallon of Blue Bell. I’m only going to have a bite or two.” Well, one thing, you take a bite, and that first bite tastes absolutely delicious. Your body enjoys it. The second bite tastes pretty good, too. And the third bite, but then the fourth and the fifth and the sixth, it has decreased in utility. You don’t have the same enjoyment of the sixth or seventh scoop of ice cream, as you did with the first bite.

Dr. Hotze: And that’s the same way it is because your body has become resistant to it. Your taste buds are now resistant because you’ve already tasted it and they’re satiated. That’s what happens in your cells when the flood of insulin comes out into your cells, your cells become resistant. They hit up on every receptor, all the receptors are blocked and now you have all this insulin floating in your blood. You have high levels on insulin and high levels of sugar. The body doesn’t like sugar floating around in the blood at high levels. It’s not healthy. So guess what insulin converts sugar to?

Stacey Bandfield: Fat.

Dr. Hotze: F-A-T, fat. That’s right. It turns it into fat. And so you become obese and now that is a big problem. Because now, in this whole process with elevated sugar, you get cytokines produced – cytokines are inflammatory products which cause inflammation in your arteries. It damages the blood vessels in the coronary arteries to the heart and the kidney’s and the brain. And you get rigid arteries because they’re inflamed, and guess what you get then, is high blood pressure.

Dr. Hotze: Now you have high blood pressure, which is putting pressure on the inflamed arteries in your heart and in your brain. Pressure goes up, guess what, you blow a gasket, you get a heart attack. You have a stroke. Or you go to the doctor and the doctor puts you on diabetic medication, maybe even insulin. If he puts you on insulin, I guarantee you, you’re going to gain weight. I’ve seen this happen over and over again. Guess what? I’m making all this insulin, I have to add more insulin. So that insulin just drives that sugar in your body into fat. Now you have high blood pressure. They put you on several medications for that and now you have some heart problems. Well, they have to give you some medication for that and for arrhythmias. I have to give you something to lower the pressure, which affects your heart, your kidneys not working right. And then your joints are upside down because they’re all swollen because you’re carrying around all this extra weight. And you’re getting atrophy of the brain and you’re getting dementia and you’re going downhill. And guess who caused it? You caused it. You brought it on yourself because you ate a high simple carbohydrate, sugar diet. It’s nobody’s fault but yourself.

It’s called cause and effect. The effect is obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, degenerative arthritis, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, recurrent and chronic infections, bowel disorders, gout – all these things are caused by your eating lifestyle.

Hypothyroidism and Type 2 Diabetes

Now, coupled with that, if you have, and many people do in America, in fact, vast majority of American’s have hypothyroidism, that is the thyroid hormone isn’t able to get into your cells in adequate amounts, the active thyroid hormone, to enable your cells to produce energy within your power plants, the mitochondria in your cells. Every cell you have in your body. You have trillions of cells. Every cell has mitochondria in it – power plants that produce electrical energy. When the electrical energy is produced in low levels, you’re a low-voltage individual and you slug around. You have low energy, you gain weight, and you can’t think clearly. Your body temperature is cold. You don’t sleep well. Your joints and muscles hurt. You have mood swings. Your bowels are upside down. You get infections. You just feel lousy. You don’t have any get-up-and-go. If you’re a woman, your cycles might be all messed up. You just don’t feel well, and that can be due to a combination of low thyroid, plus an improper dietary program that you’re on.

So what you have to do is you have to learn to, as Dr. Joel Fuhrman says, “Learn to eat to live, rather than live to eat.” And, also, if you have the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism, then what you need is a clinical trial of natural desiccated thyroid.

Fluoride Poisons Your Thyroid Gland

So here’s what often happens in people in America because we have fluoride in our water, which adversely affects our cells ability to convert the inactive thyroid hormone, T4, to the active thyroid hormone, T3, if you can’t make that conversion because you have a lot of fluoride in your water and in your toothpaste, and all that fluoride is a poison, then it will poison your thyroid gland and your ability to utilize thyroid.

You need to get some kind of filtration system, reverse osmosis or some kind of filter system that you have to filter out the fluoride. And don’t use toothpaste with fluoride. Look on the side of your toothpaste package and it says…Crest, or Colgate, or any of those. It says on this ad, “If you ingest anymore that’s on your toothbrush and swallow it, then immediately call poison control or see your doctor.” Why? Why would they say that? Why would they put something that says if you swallow it…that’s the craziest thing in the world. It’s the fluoride. Look it up in the MSDS, Material Safety Data Sheet, of the government. It’s a toxin. It’s a carcinogenic. Don’t put fluoride in your body, it poisons your thyroid. Then you don’t produce enough energy, your metabolism goes down and then no matter what you eat, you can’t metabolize it well and it turns into sugar and then it gets converted into fat and there you have it. You have a big problem and you’re going to be sick.

Now guess what? Who is this good for? Is it good for you? Who’s it good for? Keeping you sick like this. And the government says, “Eat a big grain diet. Here’s the pyramid. Lots of grain products. You have to have a lot of grain. And then you ought to eat some green vegetables and then eat a little bit of meat and a little bit of fat and that’s it.” It’s upside down. If you eat all these grains, guess what? You have all this sugar running around. In grain products…we’re talking about wheat, and rye, other grains as well, rice and potatoes. Throw that in there too. These products cause you to have high sugar levels which are poison to your body.

Guess what grows on sugar? Cancer, cancer grows on sugar. You want to get cancer? Just eat high-sugar diet. People that are obese have two to three times the risk of developing colorectal and other cancers than thin people. Thin people live longer, and you can be thin, but in order to be thin you have to get your metabolism up. That’s your thyroid. And you have to get your eating program on a good plan. Once you do that, you could be thin and trim.

Right now, I weigh about what I weighed when I played high school football in 1968 at St. Thomas High School. I weighed 167 pounds, I’m just a little bit over that right now and I feel well. I’m 68. I’m going and blowing. I may not look good, but I feel good. And I could always get some kind of help with the looking bit.

Anyway, there’s no reason in the world, at whatever age you are, that you shouldn’t be brimming with energy. And I see people coming into our center half my age that are in terrible shape. They can’t think clearly, they’re overweight, they have no energy. They tell me this and they’re in their 30s and 40s. And I know that a lot of it is due to the fact that they don’t have enough adequate thyroid in their system. I don’t care where the blood measurements are. It’s the symptoms that we treat here. We look at your blood levels, but we treat you based upon your clinical symptoms. You have symptoms of low thyroid, we’re going to treat you and get you on a path of health and wellness. And then we’re also going to get you on a good eating program and that combination will help you overcome and prevent you from developing diabetes. Which, if you keep doing the path you’re going like most Americans, you’re going to get it because one third of you that are listening to this right now are already pre-diabetic.

So I’m going to encourage you and challenge you to do a 180 and take charge of your health today.

Stacey Bandfield: And that is the good news. That type 2 diabetes can be reversed and if you’re wondering…

Dr. Hotze: And it can be prevented.

Stacey Bandfield: And prevented. Prevented and reversed, and if you’re wondering if maybe hypothyroidism might be a piece of that puzzle, you can always go to our website at  We have a symptom checker and you can just see if you have the common symptoms of hypothyroidism, and of course you can always call us for conversation. We’d love to be able to help you. Like Dr. Hotze says, “Everybody needs a coach, everybody needs a health coach.” 281-698-8698 that’s 281-698-8698. Thank you for joining us today at Dr. Hotze’s Wellness Revolution.


Written By: Steven F. Hotze, M.D.

Steven F. Hotze, M.D., is the founder and CEO of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Hotze Vitamins and Physicians Preference Pharmacy International, LLC.


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