Stormie Omartian – Greater Health God’s Way – Part 2

January 10, 2019

Dr. Hotze interviews his very special guest, best-selling Christian author, Stormie Omartian, as she continues her discussion about her life and how Dr. Hotze and his staff helped to guide her health back in the right direction. Stormie’s life of debilitating migraines, fatigue and lack of sleep were causing her career to suffer.

Watch as Stormie Omartian continues to discuss the power of prayer and how a co-worker’s transformation lead her to contact Hotze Health & Wellness Center. She was able to get her health back, which reignited her writing career, adding over 50 books to her best-selling library!

Podcast Transcription:

Stacey: Welcome to Dr. Hotze’s Wellness Revolution. I’m Stacey Bandfield here with Dr. Steven Hotze, founder of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center. This is actually part two of Dr. Hotze’s interview with world famous author Stormie Omartian.

Dr. Hotze: Thank you so much, Stacey, and thank each one of you for joining us today on…

Stacey: Dr. Hotze’s Wellness Revolution.

Dr. Hotze: And why do we call it a revolution? Because most Americans are traveling down the health highway on the wrong side of the street and when they come to that overpass, they’re liable to have a head-on collision and it’s going to cripple them or kill them. So we always recommend if you’re on the health highway, why don’t we get on the right side and go the right way instead of going the wrong way on a one way street? That’s what we encourage you to do.

We’re talking today with a long-time guest of ours here at the Hotze Health & Wellness Center and a very famous and prominent Christian author, Stormie Omartian, who’s written over 50 books. Most of the books are about the power of prayer. Power of Prayer in a Mother, Power of Prayer in a Wife, Power of Praying in a Husband, The Power of a Praying Nation, The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children, and on and on and on. She was influenced when she was a young woman in her later 20s when she attended a church, The Way? What was the name of it?

Stacey: The Church on the Way.

Dr. Hotze: She attended the Church on the Way and her pastor, Jack Hayford, was very instrumental in teaching the members of that church how to pray and pray for deliverance. Stormie, who had a difficult background growing up in Wyoming with her family, and they lost everything, they had lost their farm, her mother had had a very hard time growing up. Her mother lost her mother when she was 11.

Her mother died in childbirth and that affected her emotionally mentally and she took a lot of this out on Stormie as Stormie grew up. Her mother was not a positive influence in her life, but very negative influence. Stormie grew up with severe anxieties and depression and feeling like she was worthless until she attended The Church on the Way, where there she heard about the wonderful redeeming message of Jesus Christ and how she could be changed.

Indeed, she trusted Christ and then sought counseling from the pastor’s wives there and had a deliverance by simply asking God to help her forgive and simply forgiving her mother for the things that she felt she had been harmed by her mother. That relieved the burden.

So she met her husband, Michael Omartian, there at the church. They were married. Michael was a very prominent pianist in the Hollywood area and he won several Grammys. You had two children, one in 1976 and one in ’81. A boy and a girl, right?

Stormie: Right, that’s right.

Dr. Hotze: And then were you staying at home with the kids then or were you still acting? Were you doing singing? Were you singing with your husband?

Stormie: No. We made some Christian albums together, but I wasn’t on the road or doing anything like that when I had my kids. I wasn’t working. I was writing. I would do writing projects, writing words to songs and I wrote a couple of books. I wrote my autobiography and a book on natural health called Greater Health God’s Way. So I’d written those two books, but I really stayed home with the kids. My husband was working all the time and there was no way I was going to leave them.

Dr. Hotze: When did you all move to the Nashville area?

Stormie: We moved in 1993, not long before the ’94 Northridge earthquake, which is where we were living in L.A. So we lost that house and we hadn’t sold it, but we really felt the Lord telling us to move right then and thank God we did because our house was in Northridge. It was ruined, it was really ruined. We were so grateful that we weren’t there for that.

Dr. Hotze: I’m sure that…

Stormie: Yeah, it was ruined.

Dr. Hotze: When you all went to Nashville, that’s a music city.

Stormie: Right.

Dr. Hotze: Is that the reason you moved there? So your husband could be more involved with the music industry there?

Stormie: Yeah, exactly. I had been doing some speaking. On maybe one weekend a month, I would do speaking when my kids were in…I don’t know, it would have to be before they reached 12 and 8. I was doing maybe one a month and my husband would take care of the kids for that weekend. But I wasn’t doing a lot because they needed to have me there and I was.

When we moved in ’93, my son was 12. I’m sorry, my daughter was 12 and my son was 17. It was a really tough time to make a move like that because my daughter’s in…

Dr. Hotze: They’re in high school and grade school.

Stormie: Yes.

Stacey: They don’t want to leave their friends.

Stormie: Yes. They had to leave all their friends. It was really tough on them, but I tell you, when that cleared up was when we went back and looked at the house after the earthquake. All of our wishing we were back in California ended on that trip.

Dr. Hotze: Was the house completely destroyed?

Stormie: Yeah. It was destroyed. In fact, it was red tagged. We weren’t even supposed to go into it, but I did because I had to see. I wanted them to see it, too. I wanted them to see that’s the reason we moved, because we felt God telling us to do that, and that they needed to see that. They knew that we had told them that we really felt the Lord leading us and they didn’t understand why.

Her first year of junior high was in a strange place, a foreign place, I should say. His last year of high school was there, too, so having to make friends in those two times is really tough on them. But we knew that it was the Lord and we had peace about it from that point on…how awful it was.

Dr. Hotze: You were writing books through the 90s into the early 2000s.

Stormie: Right.

Dr. Hotze: You were maturing and what made you decide that you needed to come here to the Hotze Health & Wellness Center? This was back in 2005.

Stormie: After in those years where we moved to Nashville is where I wrote Praying Wife, and Praying Woman, Praying Husband, Praying Parent, Praying Adult Children. All of those books were written after I moved to Nashville, but before I moved to Nashville, after my second child, I was having terrible problems, the female problems, where it was just constant bleeding and constant cramping and constant pain and all of that. That ended in a hysterectomy.

Dr. Hotze: That would’ve been when?

Stormie: That would’ve been in 1986 I think.

Dr. Hotze: Okay.

Stormie: ’98, ’91. Must have been later. It must have been 1989 because it was not more than about four or five years before we moved, but when you have something like that, that kind of a surgery, it messes with your hormones so badly.

Dr. Hotze: I’m sure it does.

Stormie: It throws you instantly…

Dr. Hotze: Into menopause, sure.

Stormie: Yes. Oh my gosh, it was horrible. I had never had a migraine before, but I started having migraines about six weeks after that surgery. Oh my gosh, they’re terrible ones where you have the flashing lights and the blindness in the center of your eye. Just horrible pain. It was just awful. I was having maybe one of every other week or something like that, but it kept increasing and increasing and increasing.

Dr. Hotze: Were you taking Premarin at the time?

Stormie: Yes. First of all, they put me on the shots that you take once a month so that you’re at high speed right after you get the shot and then by the time you get to the end of the month, you’re dragging.

Dr. Hotze: Right.

Stormie: It’s like, oh my gosh. The yo-yo effect was just…anyway, I was trying to…once I got to Tennessee, I really had to start speaking a lot because my daughter was being homeschooled. I took her on the road with me and I homeschooled her on the road. My son was in college and so I was on the road a lot and that is very stressful. When you fly a lot, it’s a stressful life.

Dr. Hotze: What groups were you speaking to? Were you speaking to churches, women’s groups? What was it?

Stormie: Yeah, women’s groups, churches, these kind of big retreats for women.

Dr. Hotze: Sure.

Stormie: So many and I was just taking all the time, but I would go on the weekends. I’d be home during the week and then on Friday my daughter and I would leave. I would spend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday someplace and be back. It was really stressful, but I was writing all of these books. That’s where all the Power Praying books were written.

Dr. Hotze: You told me prior to 19…coming to see us in 2005, how many books had you written?

Stormie: Since 2005?

Dr. Hotze: Before 2005, before you came to see us.

Stormie: Oh, before 2005. I think I’d written three or four.

Dr. Hotze: Okay, three or four books. What led you to come here in 2005? What was going on?

Stormie: It was because I was getting sicker and sicker. The migraine headaches were increasing and it was very stressful. That on the road life was very stressful for me. Just everything was stressful. I was hard making sure my kids were adjusted into the new life. It’s like moving to another planet to move from L.A. to here, to Nashville. Two different worlds, completely.

It was getting worse and worse and a friend of mine, there’s a lot of people who moved at the same time we did from L.A. and so I knew I had a lot of friends here that were from L.A. and a church that I went to, The Church on the Way. One of them was a decorator who did a lot of really fancy artwork and finishing in houses. She worked on my house that we were building.

She was really sick all the time because she was working all the time. She was really working a lot here in Nashville. She developed this cough and she couldn’t get rid of it, and she was really sick. She was looking sickly and she was really a beautiful girl, beautiful woman. She was looking really sick and we were worried about her, really worried.

One of her clients, she had a lot of upscale clients, and they knew the best places in the world to go for doctors or for help. They recommended to her that they had gone to Hotze Health & Wellness Center and that it really changed their lives. So she thought, I’m going to go. She finally took that advice and went.

I saw her before she went because she was still working on my house and everything. She came back, I saw her two weeks later when she came back to work on my house, and she looked like a different person. I couldn’t even believe it. That’s what did it. When I saw her and she didn’t have the cough anymore and she didn’t have the exhaustion or anything like that, that’s what convinced me. I said, “Give me that number.” Seeing was believing. I thought, my gosh, what a transformation.

So I went. It was just a couple weeks before Christmas, which is probably the worst time to travel anywhere. You’re put on a special diet, but oh my gosh, I went and it was amazing. It’s an amazing facility. Everybody in there, a lot of people are really strong believers in the power of God. They were really, had a great spirit in that whole place. They were thorough. They were all doctors and nurses, fully qualified in every way. Medical doctors, you know.

They did thorough testing and they found out all my allergies, they found all my hormone deficiencies. They did so much to find out what was wrong and they started immediately to treat all of those things. I’m telling you, within a couple weeks, I started feeling like a new person, too. At that point in 2005, I was having nearly one migraine every day maybe five to six times a week. I was laid up all the time. I was living on…

Dr. Hotze: Medication, yeah.

Stormie: Yeah, to try to function. It was just horrible. So that all stopped. I’m telling you, within a month, I was getting on top of the hormone deficiency, I was getting on top of my allergies. It was amazing and they did it all naturally. It was all natural supplements.

Dr. Hotze: Natural hormones, bioidentical hormones.

Stormie: Yes, natural hormones, bioidentical hormones. Yes, exactly. Then those headaches stopped. I couldn’t even believe it. All my allergic reactions to things, that took a few months. It kept getting better.

Dr. Hotze: Building up your blocking antibodies. I think we put you on allergy drops at that time, didn’t we?

Stormie: Yep, exactly. Oh, I took those for years.

Dr. Hotze: Well, I know this. When you came in, your complaints were, and I’m looking at your initial chart, that you had severe migraine headaches and recurrent sinus infections.

Stormie: Yes, all the time.

Dr. Hotze: You said you were exhausted, you were fatigued, and you had low energy, which all go together.

Stormie: Yeah, exactly.

Dr. Hotze: How was that affecting your mental sharpness at that time?

Stormie: It was terrible. My memory, my body was in so much pain all the time and so sick from all the allergies. It affected my memory, my sharpness, everything. It was so hard.

Dr. Hotze: How was your sleep at that time?

Stormie: That was another thing. I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t have a good night’s sleep hardly ever. It was affecting it every night. And that was another thing, to be able to sleep just by doing natural things and taking natural supplements. Your sleep formula is one of the best ever because it’s all natural and it really works. You just wake up refreshed. You don’t feel like you’ve taken anything. You feel like your body is really receptive to sleep.

Dr. Hotze: Now, tell me about this. Were you having any problem with joint muscle aches or pains?

Stormie: I don’t remember it at that time, but then the pain was so bad in my head…

Dr. Hotze: That overrode everything, didn’t it?

Stormie: It really did. I started, later, when I got older, to feel it more in the past 10 years. Then when I started using all your supplements that Dr. Sheridan had prescribed for me for the joint pain.  I really feel that’s why I’m doing so well now. I don’t take any medicine, not that I think medicine is wrong at all. If you need it, it’s a Godsend, but I don’t have to take any medicine or prescriptions or anything.

Dr. Hotze: No pharmaceutical drugs.

Stormie: No, none.

Dr. Hotze: I know we did this. When you saw Dr. Sheridan, he put you on a grain-free, yeast-free eating program. You’d been on a lot of antibiotics and so we wanted to clean the yeast out of the colon because it’s so important. Good health is really dependent upon a good digestive system.

Stormie: Totally.

Dr. Hotze: If it’s healthy, you’re going to be healthy. The second thing, he put you on some thyroid. Empirically, you had symptoms of hypothyroidism and so we put you on thyroid and then we replenished your hormones with natural hormones. Were you taking Premarin at the time when you came in?

Stormie: Yes.

Dr. Hotze: So we stopped the Premarin.

Stormie: Yes, it was great because he said, “Just stop it right now. We’re giving you these to take home,” because I had to fly into Houston to see you all. He said, “Just stop taking it immediately, and go on this.”

Dr. Hotze: We put you on that.

Stormie: He gave it to me to take home, yeah.

Dr. Hotze: Right, we put you on natural progesterone and gave you some vitamins and minerals. He probably gave you a little bit of cortisol to help support the adrenal glands, put you on some vitamins and minerals. You said within two to four weeks, you began to feel like you were making significant improvement. After four weeks, your migraine headaches went away.

Stormie: Yeah, exactly. I noticed the difference right away because I started on that diet immediately even though it was Christmastime and all the festivities, I was so into it. I noticed immediately. Within a few days, I started noticing a difference because I wasn’t getting a migraine every day. It seemed like just getting off the Premarin, getting on the bioidentical hormones, yeah, exactly.

Dr. Hotze: Okay. Now, let’s talk about what difference good health compared to poor health on your productivity. Before you came in, you had written five books.

Stormie: Yeah, four or five, yes.

Dr. Hotze: At that time when you came in, you were in your early 60s, right?

Stormie: Yes, and I was miserable. I was so miserable. I couldn’t do anything.

Dr. Hotze: If you hadn’t have come in…since that time, since you’ve come in, how many books have you written since you game in 2005?

Stormie: Oh wow. Well, I know it’s over 50.

Dr. Hotze: Okay now…

Stacey: That’s incredible.

Stormie: I stop counting at 50.

Dr. Hotze: Think about this. Here you were. What if you hadn’t come in? What if you had never heard about us and you just kept going down the same path? Where would you be now?

Stormie: I don’t think I would be anywhere. I couldn’t function. At that point I came in, I was not able to function. I couldn’t write because I had a migraine nearly every day. When you have a migraine like that…

Dr. Hotze: You just can’t function, can you?

Stormie: No, you can’t function for the whole day. No. Even when you take the medicine and everything, you still feel like you have just a drug hangover or something. You just don’t feel right. You have to sleep through the night in order to feel like a normal person. Then it starts all over again. It was so bad.

Dr. Hotze: This is what’s incredible. You came in having written five books and now unable to function because of chronic migraines because of severe exhaustion and fatigue. You couldn’t think clear, you just couldn’t function.

Stormie: Yeah.

Dr. Hotze: You came in, got yourself on a path of health and wellness and made an investment in your health. It’s not inexpensive to come to the Hotze Health & Wellness Center. You had to make an investment, but let me just ask you. You’ve written 50 books or more since. That’s over the last 12 or 13 years. That’s about four books a year.

Stormie: Yeah, it is. One major a year and two or three smaller ones a year. Yep.

Dr. Hotze: That’s just remarkable. That’s a remarkable output. You have to be one of the most prolific authors in history. You’d be way up on the top 0.001%. Very few people have even come close to being that prolific in your writing and especially you’re writing on this, particularly about the power of prayer in people’s lives.

Stormie: Yeah, so important.

Dr. Hotze: So tell me about this. Do you draw your material from…how do you get…I’m thinking. The power of prayer, how do you research? You have Power of Prayer in a Husband, The Power of a Praying Wife, Power of a Praying Husband, Power of a Praying Nation. Where do you get your inspiration for the different topics here? It seems like you might be repeating yourself a lot, which is nothing wrong with that. There’s a lot of power in repetition. You hear the same thing frequently…

Stormie: But I try not to repeat except for scriptures, of course.

Dr. Hotze: Right.

Stormie: I try not to repeat. In every book, it’s a new perspective and a new approach because it’s dealing with another subject with regard to prayer. I do a lot of praying and fasting. I have tried to do a 24-hour fast every week. Some weeks I can’t, I’m just not able to do it if I’m traveling or too busy or too tired or whatever to do it. But I feel like in that time when I’m really just drinking water or tea for 24 hours, that I am praying too, as well, and just asking God to show me what he wants to write about.

Usually, I get an inspiration from where I see a need. I knew there was a need for Power of a Praying Parent. That one was the first of the Power Praying series. So I knew there was a need because I had prayer ghosts in my house from the time Michael and I were married and going to this church. Then we became home group leaders. So you see the needs of the people in your home group.

The number one request for prayers was always for their children and the second request was always for their marriages. Those two books, Praying Parent was first and then Praying Wife was next, and Praying Woman, and then Praying Husband. It went in that order. There was one point on the Christian chart, the bestseller charts, where those four books were number one, two, three, and four. It was really amazing.

Stacey: Wow.

Dr. Hotze: The Power of the Praying Wife was number one for 27 months running.

Stormie: Yes, it was. It was amazing. Then I think Praying Woman was next, then Praying Parent, then Praying Husband. Those were the four that-

Dr. Hotze: Well, I tell you. Your life is an example to all of us here, Christians on the power of prayer in your life. What people always say, “Well, I’m going to pray for you.” Okay, well thank you. I’ll be sure to pray for you. What I learned from my pastor, and I love him, Dr. Ed Young at Second Baptist Church. I don’t know if you know of him, but he’s a marvelous, wonderful pastor. He’ll anytime go, “Okay.” We’ll talk about something, he’ll say, “Okay, let’s just pray about it right now.”

Stormie: Yes, right then.

Dr. Hotze: He just does it, he prays. I’ve picked that up from him. I’ll, even with our guests, if I’m led sometimes, say, “Let me just pray for you right now. We need to do that.”

Stormie: Yes, I do that too. I so believe in that immediate right then…

Dr. Hotze: Instead of just saying, “Well, I’ll pray for you,” which means…We’ll be praying for you.

Stormie: Yeah.

Dr. Hotze: I think that’s…it’s a wonderful example of the fact that prayer has been such an inspiration in your life and God used that in such a way to deliver you as a younger woman that now you’ve made this a focus in your life. I don’t know if there’s any other Christian authors in history that have been as…I know a lot of the Christian, I’m talking going way back to the early church, that have written this extensively and in depth on the power of prayer.

Stormie: Yes, right. I know. Because I saw the miracles in the beginning. I was all-in from that point. It was miraculous that they could get rid of all my depression and anxiety and fear had all left my life and lifted off of me like a big burden. To see that with my own eyes, because it was a physical manifestation to me, that changed me forever. I try to make each book unique. That’s one of my main struggles to do without having repetition, without having…

Like I said, you have to repeat the scriptures and what they say and things like that, but the principles, they’re unique to whether you’re praying for your husband, or your wife, or your kids, or your adult children, or your nation, or your church, or your pastor, or whatever. There’s a uniqueness about each one and ways that you can pray for them that are unique to any other kind of…

Dr. Hotze: Well, I want to thank you that you have followed God’s lead on that and written these books. I’m anxious to share them with my children, Power of a Praying Wife.

Stormie: Great.

Dr. Hotze: I need to read the one about Power of a Praying Nation and also Power of a Praying Husband, too. I think that’ll be important, as well, as I think I’m going to give my kids the books, too, Power of Praying Parents. I think that’s so important to pray for your kids, which I do every day, I do twice a day. I pray for each one of my kids and each one of my grandkids by name, specifically.

Stormie: Powerful. Yes, it’s so powerful. We had prayer meetings at our house just to pray for kids. People would flock to those. We’d pick a Saturday, too, once a year where we had the parents and the kids over and we spent the whole day with food and everything, and the older kids taking care of the younger kids and all that.

We prayed for each child individually. Have them come into a room and we’d ask them how they wanted us to pray. We’d pray for them and then we’d pray how God led us to pray. Those kids, nobody ever lost one of those kids ever, never lost one.

Dr. Hotze: That’s wonderful.

Stormie: In all those years and all those people.

Dr. Hotze: That’s so…you’ve challenged me in this conversation today and I hope Stormie’s challenged each one of you, too, in two ways. First, take charge of your spiritual health. Be a man or woman of prayer. Be a man or woman of the book, that’s the Bible. Know the word of God and pray the promises of God’s word into your life and into the lives of others. If you memorize the scripture, God’s giving you the prayers right there. You can take those words and pray those into other people and into your own life.

Stormie: So true.

Dr. Hotze: The second thing, she took charge of her spiritual health. Not only that, she took charge of her physical health. In 2005, as a Christian, she was experiencing health problems. She had a hysterectomy as a younger woman in the 80s and by the time she got into the 2000s, she’d been on Premarin for years and Premarin was horse estrogen.

Stormie: Yes.

Dr. Hotze: She had been plagued with migraine headaches that got worse and worse. Although she was an author at the time, she’d only written five books up to 2005 and then heard from a friend about how well they had done at the Hotze Health & Wellness Center. She saw the transformation in this woman’s life in a few weeks. Stormie came here to see us at the Hotze Health & Wellness Center in 2005 with exhaustion, totally without any energy. She had debilitating migraine headaches, couldn’t think, was unable to write.

She was seen here and evaluated and we got her up on her natural hormones.  We coached her on her path to health and wellness, naturally, using a good eating program, hormones, thyroid, female hormones, adrenal hormones, vitamins and minerals, a good exercise program, and treated her for allergies. Within a month, her migraine headaches were completely gone. When was the last time you had a migraine headache?

Stormie: I have one maybe once or twice a year now, and that’s usually always if I’m traveling and really stressed. I might get one, but it’s not near as bad as those ones were back then. Oh my gosh.

Dr. Hotze: You said you were having them five or six times a week, which is just debilitating.

Stormie: Yeah, they’re debilitating.

Dr. Hotze: That’s amazing. It’s an amazing recovery. Since that time, Stormie, since coming to see us in 2005 and restoring her physical health, she’s now written over 50 more Christian books. She’s the most prolific Christian woman author in history, and she just believed God, and fasts and prays before she writes her books, and God gives her inspiration. It’s just remarkable.

I praise God for you and thank you for being here. Thank you for sharing the testimony of your life, both your spiritual life, your mental life, and your physical life, and how you have restored those. We just pray that God will continue to use you mightily as you produce some more works. I pray that your works will be sold widely this Christmas season. I’m going to make sure I do that for my kids.

Stormie: Oh, that’s great. I want to thank you too, Dr. Hotze. You and your staff changed my life and rescued me out of the debilitating pain I was in. It’s transformative. I’ve sent so many people to your clinic there, your Health & Wellness Center, and they’ve all come back with just raving reports. I love that, so thank you so much.

Dr. Hotze: Well thank you so much for referring your family and friends to us. We appreciate that so much. That’s the way we grow, so thank you very, very much, Stormie.

Stormie: You’re welcome. I tell them it’s cheaper than a funeral…

Dr. Hotze: Listen, that is a great line. I like that.

Stacey: So, Stormie…

Stormie: It’s true.

Stacey: Well, that is true. Stormie, how can our audience find you?

Stormie: My professional email is Stormie, S-T-O-R-M-I-E, Omartian, it’s O-M-A-R-T-I-A-N, no apostrophe. My husband’s not Irish, he’s Armenian, so there’s no apostrophe in Omartian. That’s at

Dr. Hotze: And Omartian is spelled like O Martian like a Martian.

Stormie: Yes, like Martian, yes.

Dr. Hotze: …O-M-A-R-T-I-A-N dot com and you can Google her books on Amazon’s got all…

Stacey:            I’m sure Amazon.

Dr. Hotze: Her books. Is that where you want people to buy them or do you want them to buy them directly from you?

Stormie: Either way. I’m just wanting to get all the books out. Our place, again, it’s You can go on the website there. It’s

Dr. Hotze: You have a lot of YouTube videos as well.

Stormie: Yes, I have. If you go on our site, there’s a store there and the reason I have a store is because we carry everything that I’ve written, everything. Not every place does that. In fact, I don’t know any other place that does that, not even my publishing company.

Dr. Hotze: So you go to, that’s S-T-O-R-M-I-E-O-M-A-R-T-I-A-N dot com.

Stormie: Yeah, that’s WWW for the website and that’s where you’ll find the store. You can always find our books there. I’ve never wanted to discourage anybody from buying our books anyplace else. That’s great. I’m glad that you support other stores. I’m just there, we’re there to provide a way to get any book that you want. We have them all. So that’s the choice.

Dr. Hotze: Well, thank you. I would encourage you in our listening audience to go to Stormie’s website or Amazon and purchase these books and give them out widely to your family and friends. It will be the best thing you can do for them this Christmas.

Stormie: Oh, I agree, totally agree.

Stacey: That’s right. Absolutely. It has blessed us, I know, and there are a lot of people that need to hear that message of hope. If Stormie’s story of how she was able to get her life back inspired you at all, then you can always give us a call here at the Hotze Health & Wellness Center for a complimentary consultation. We’d love to hear from you at 281-698-8698. That’s 281-698-8698. Thank you for joining us today at Dr. Hotze’s Wellness Revolution.


Written By: Steven F. Hotze, M.D.

Steven F. Hotze, M.D., is the founder and CEO of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Hotze Vitamins and Physicians Preference Pharmacy International, LLC.


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Since 1989, Hotze Health & Wellness Center has helped over 33,000 patients get their lives back using bioidentical hormones that restore hormones to optimal levels, strengthen immune systems, and increase energy levels. Our treatment regimen addresses the root cause of hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, menopause, perimenopause, low testosterone, allergies, and candida.

Led by best-selling author, radio host and leading natural health expert, Steven F. Hotze, M.D., our medical team has over 100 years’ combined medical experience backed by a staff of nearly 100 caring professionals who provide an environment of hope and extraordinary hospitality for each of our patients, who we call our guests. It is our deepest desire to help you obtain and maintain health and wellness naturally so that you may enjoy a better quality of life, pure and simple.



Do you want to live a healthy, happy, purpose-driven life? Do you want to restore your health so that your loss of energy, weight gain, joint pain, depression and lack of drive or motivation won’t hold you back from achieving your personal and professional goals?

Dr. Steven Hotze wants that for you, too. In fact, in his powerful and passionate video entitled, “What I Believe”, Dr. Hotze shares how his Christian worldview and pivotal experiences have ignited a deep desire to offer the message of hope and optimal health to all who need to hear it.

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Our Doctors

At Hotze Health & Wellness Center, our doctors are changing the way women and men are treated through the use of bioidentical hormones. Our natural treatments have helped over 33,000 individuals with hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, menopause, perimenopause, low testosterone, allergies, candida, detoxification and nutritional deficiencies.

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Guest Testimonials

Melanie B.

"I went from feeling tired and foggy to to getting my energy and vitality back!”

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Pam White
Pam White
At Hotze Health and Wellness YOU can truly find restoration of your health and vibrant life! You will find the most caring and effective healthcare available! Don't hesitate call them today!!!
Ron Guidry
Ron Guidry
Doctors are not the final authority in our journey of achieving/maintaining health and wellness but having a good team of doctors in your support and guidance community is not only helpful it is wise and also essential. The team and staff at Hotze Health and Wellness are health professionals that you can trust to help you navigate all the misinformation that may be keeping you separated from your optimal level of health.
Caral Reeves
Caral Reeves
Hotze Beauty is a first class facility! Extreme level of professionalism , knowledge & genuine care❤️‍🩹
Julie Hryszko
Julie Hryszko
I’ve been a guest at this facility for 15 years. They are the most efficient, thorough and caring group of individuals I’ve ever experienced. Dr Hotze looks to change the way a typical doctor treats patients and looks for root causes to eliminate medical issues instead of treating “symptoms”. My life has improved 100% since my initial visit. The cost of the treatments are worth it.
Shavon Sisson
Shavon Sisson
Always a great experience dealing with everyone at Hotze Heath and Wellness! Everyone is kind and helpful.
Kori Misson
Kori Misson
I cannot accurately describe in words how I feel about this practice and the entire staff. I have had quite a few health issues throughout the years, rheumatoid arthritis, sjogrens, weight gain, hair loss, irritability, and that is just the beginning. I had pretty much given up on feeling good, just decided to "live with it" and hope for the best. Two very close friends love the Hotze Wellness Clinic and they have experienced life changing health. Made my appointment and from the beginning I felt heard. Not a in and out fast food style practice. They are looked and are looking at my entire body for overall health and wellness. Connections from mind and body to clinical blood work, even dental questions....they care and I feel as if I can trust them. I am on a path to complete wellness and my goal is to have my RA back in remission as it once was....make yourself a priority. Having hope is an incredible feeling!