Bioidentical Testosterone for Low Libido in Men

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Bioidentical Testosterone for Low Libido in Men

Sexual intimacy is a very important part of the relationship between a man and a woman.  It helps them to stay close, and when they begin to lose sexual desire or libido, it has a negative effect on their relationship.  They feel unwanted, unloved, not desirable to their partner, and it pushes them apart. This issue can drive a wedge in between the best of marriages.

You’ve seen all the Viagra commercials on TV, so you know this is a common health concern affecting millions of men. But what happens to cause men to lose their libido? One of the most common causes of low libido in men is the loss of testosterone. A man’s testosterone and sex drive peak in his teens and twenties. As a man ages, his testosterone levels naturally decline. Low testosterone levels can lead to lack of sex drive and erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone, Libido and Sexual Function

Research shows that reduced libido is a manifestation of a testosterone deficiency. Reduced libido is widely considered the most prominent symptom of low testosterone levels in men, and the correction with testosterone supplementation therapy is regarded as a promising treatment for reduced libido. Testosterone supplementation has also been associated with increases in sexual functioning. (5)

Research concludes that testosterone replacement improves sexual function and mood, increases lean mass and muscle strength, and decreases fat mass in hypogonadal men. (1) Research shows that testosterone replacement by intramuscular injection caused significant improvement in impotence. (2) Research also demonstrates that testosterone replacement therapy improves erectile dysfunction. (3,4)

Other Causes of Low Libido in Men

There are several other causes of low libido that men should be aware of:

Lack of sleep/poor sleep
Prescription medications
Chronic illness/disease
Nutritional deficiencies
Relationship issues

Other Symptoms of Low Testosterone

If you’re wondering if a testosterone deficiency could be the cause of your low libido, it’s helpful to find out if you have other symptoms of low testosterone:

Lack of initiative, assertiveness and drive
Decline in sense of well-being and self-confidence
Depressed, irritable moods
Increased body fat around the waist
Decreased mental sharpness
Lessened stamina and endurance
Loss of muscle mass, strength, and tone
Sleep apnea
Gynecomastia (enlarged breasts)

A Word of Caution About Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Prescription drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, are not the answer. First of all, they are chemicals that are foreign to your body. Second, these drugs come with many side effects, including some very dangerous and deadly ones. Take Viagra, for instance. Common side effects of Viagra include:

visual disturbance
nasal congestion
temporary vision loss
blurred vision
visual color distortion
retinal hemorrhage
eye irritation
loss of hearing
increased heart rate
cardiac arrest
heart failure
cerebrovascular hemorrhage

These erectile dysfunction drugs also can cause a painful and abnormally long lasting erection that can cause permanent damage to the penis.

Dr. Hotze discusses how testosterone can increase a man’s sex drive:

Safe, Natural Solution: Bioidentical Testosterone 

Are you ready to put the spark back in your love life? It could be as simple as restoring your testosterone levels to normal.

We believe that you deserve a doctor and a team of professionals to coach you onto a path of health and wellness naturally, without the use of pharmaceutical drugs, so that you can enjoy a better quality of life. The solution is to restore your testosterone with bioidentical testosterone, which is identical to the testosterone made by your body.

Are you wondering if bioidentical testosterone can help you? Take our symptom checker quiz to find out if you could have a testosterone deficiency. By restoring your testosterone levels, you will not only improve your libido, but you will improve mood, brain function, muscle mass, lose weight, and regain your energy and sense of well-being.

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