Fibroids and Poor Health on Premarin – Cindy’s Story

February 14, 2018

Cindy was placed on Premarin by her doctors, which caused her to develop huge fibroids and have a total hysterectomy. Later, her doctors put her on Premarin again, and she began to wonder if she would feel this bad for the rest of her life. She had no energy, she couldn’t sleep and she couldn’t lose weight.  How did Cindy do a 180 and take charge of her health, naturally? Watch to learn how Dr. Hotze helped Cindy get her energy and vitality back!

Podcast Transcription

Stacey B.: Thank you for joining us today here at Dr. Hotze’s Wellness Revolution. I’m Stacey Bandfield here with Dr. Steven Hotze, founder of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center. Just a quick reminder that you can always download our podcasts. All you have to do, so easy, go to That’s H-O-T-Z-E Dr. Hotze, we have an incredibly exciting guest today. She is a hoot. She’s full of pop and sizzle. We love her dearly. She’s one of our successful guests here at the center. I know everybody is going to really enjoy hearing her story. The one and only Cindy Camp.

Dr. Hotze: Thank you so much for joining us today. I’m Dr. Dr. Hotze and I believe that you need a health coach, you need a doctor, and a staff of professionals, who can coach you onto a path of health and wellness naturally without pharmaceutical drugs, so as you mature, you’ll enjoy a better quality of life. I have my longtime good friend, Janie and my longtime good friend Cindy Camp with us today to tell her very amazing story. I met Cindy back in 1972 or ’73 when we were in med school. Cindy was in nursing school here in the Medical Center in Houston. You were in UT?

Cindy Camp:  I was in Texas, yeah. Texas nursing.

Dr. Hotze: Texas Nursing Sschool and I was in the University of Texas Medical School. That’s when we met Cindy. Cindy, why don’t you just tell our listening audience how you met Janie and I, and then what ended up happening after that?

Cindy Camp:  Well, I think we had all become Christians at the same time. You offered a Bible study in your backyard. The speaker came to your backyard.

Dr. Hotze: Keith Gilmore.

Cindy Camp: Keith Gilmore. I remember sitting there looking at you and Janie. I think you had a couple of kids then.

Dr. Hotze: Yeah, we had about four.

Cindy Camp:  You had four at that time? I remember looking at that going, “I want a family like that. I want to be married. I want to have a Christian family. I want all that.” So, I think what happened is I just kind of leeched onto you all. I just kind of followed you everywhere, want to be with you.

Dr. Hotze: Right. And then we attended, at that time, Bethel Independent Presbyterian Church which is on Sugar Hill over on where?

Cindy Camp:  Bering.

Dr. Hotze: Bering drive. Cindy went to church, a lot of the medical students, and dental students, and nursing students, all attended church there, so it was a young group. Interestingly enough, a very attractive, bright, intelligent, young intern from the seminary came down to do an internship there with Dr. Tolson at Bethel. All the ladies were drooling over this man. He was awesome, a wonderful teacher, and just a wonderful guy. His name was Dwayne Camp. And so, Dwayne looked over the crowd and he had a pick of the litter. Guess who he picked to start dating? Cindy. And so, Cindy and Dwayne went out. When did you all get married?

Cindy Camp:  We got married June 5, 1976. Your wife was in my wedding. She was the bridesmaid.

Dr. Hotze: Yeah. Janie was a bridesmaid. And so, that was exciting time. We’ve been close friends with Dwayne and Cindy Camp since 1973. That goes back 45 years.

Cindy Camp:  At least, probably at least.

Dr. Hotze: So, tell us what happened as far as when you started noticing…you’ve had three children, two boys, and a little girl. They’re all grown now. Little girl, I mean, she’s had two or three babies or so.

Cindy Camp:  Three babies, yeah.

Dr. Hotze: So the kids are all grown up now and they’re adults. So, how does that make us feel?

Cindy Camp:  Well, we’ve known each other a long time.

Dr. Hotze: So, Cindy, when did you notice that you began to have some health issues and what did you do about it?

Cindy Camp:  I was probably 38. I began to wake up in the middle of the night and I would wake up at three o’clock in the morning. I could just go down and cook a meal. I mean, I had such a burst of energy. I thought, “Gosh,” that’s when I’m going to do my ironing. I’m going to just get everything. And so, I made an appointment with you. I said, “I’m not sleeping at night. I mean, I’m waking up with all this energy and then-”

Dr. Hotze: Now, this is back when I was on the North freeway.

Cindy Camp:  Correct.

Dr. Hotze: Right?

Cindy Camp:  Correct.

Dr. Hotze: When I had it all, it just goes way back in the ’80s.

Cindy Camp:  Yeah. So, you said, “You need to see in a gynecologist, and tell him your symptoms, and tell him what’s going on, and see what he can do for you.”

Dr. Hotze: Now, back then I wasn’t doing any natural approaches to health. So, when women had female problems, I said, “Well, just go see the OB-GYN.”

Cindy Camp:  That’s right. So, I went and he put me on…I can’t remember the dosage, but he put me on Premarin. And so, I was on Premarin, couple of years, and then we left to go overseas.

Dr. Hotze: Right, now, Premarin is derived from horse estrogen. Premarin, standing for pregnant mare urine. So you were still menstruating at the time and he puts you on Premarin, about ’88 or ’89 or something like that. Okay. So, what happened?

Cindy Camp:  So, I just did what the doctor told me to do. We went ahead, moved, we did missions overseas. I just started feeling bad, couldn’t seem to get well. I felt like I was just bloating. I just didn’t feel good. Just, overall, didn’t feel good. And so, I began running tests there at this particular place where we were living. They identified two fibroids. One, that was on top of my uterus, as big as a grapefruit, and then I had a size of an orange fibroid on my ovary. They were concerned that maybe one of them was cancerous. So, they sent me to MD Anderson right away.

Dr. Hotze: What happened there? That was in ’91, right?

Cindy Camp:  That was in ’91. Immediately, I saw the head of the obstetric area and he felt…he actually said, “I’m unduly alarmed. I’m not sure this is cancerous.” So, I think what we’re going to do is just give you a couple of days, get over jet lag, whatever you’re doing, just feel better, and let’s go ahead and we’re going to take everything out. You tell me if we want both ovaries gone or whatever you want to do.” So, we did a total hysterectomy and…

Dr. Hotze: Including removing the ovaries.

Cindy Camp:  Everything, uterus and ovaries, and then they put me on Premarin again.

Dr. Hotze: What’s interesting, she was 38 and some doctor slapped her on Premarin while she was still menstruating which is just…there’s no…I mean, that is totally incredible that somebody would do that. Remember, Premarin is estrogen, so she became estrogen dominant. When a woman has estrogen dominance, more estrogen than she does progesterone to balance, inevitably, it leads to the development of fibroid tumors. Now, we don’t normally see fibroid tumors developing in women that young. It’s normally happens in their mid-40s by that time and maybe early 40s to mid-40s, but she had two large fibroids, the size of a grapefruit, size of an orange.

And so, she had a complete hysterectomy. And then they put her right back on Premarin which caused the problem to begin with. Remember, that puts her in a state of estrogen dominance. When you have that, that adversely affects your body’s ability to properly use, utilize thyroid hormones which govern your body’s metabolism. So, how did you feel for the next four or five years?

Cindy Camp:  I couldn’t lose weight. I was exercising. I just didn’t have an overall feel-good feeling. I almost felt like I was a little numb sometimes. I can’t describe it, really, but I didn’t feel 100%. I knew that I had a lot more energy. I had a lot more things I wanted to do. We were in full-time ministry, so I just want myself. I just want to enjoy it.

Dr. Hotze: Okay. So, you’d come back every year to Houston when you had to leave for a couple of weeks. I remember you came, and talked to me in 1996, and told me how you’re feeling. Do you remember what I told you to do?

Cindy Camp:  Yes. “Get off of Premarin. It is horse urine.”

Dr. Hotze: That’s right. Now, this is when I had learned about natural bioidentical hormones in 1996. When I opened up Hotze Health & Wellness Center, it originally opened up as an allergy clinic. We treated for airborne and food allergies. We treated for yeast because all these patients that had allergies, had recurrent chronic infections. And so, we had a yeast treatment and I put them on vitamins and minerals. That was pretty much the program. In ’92, I started using thyroid hormones, but I didn’t start using the biologically identical sex hormones until 1996. And so, Cindy had come in and tell me how she was feeling. I said…by then I already started to get great results with the bioidentical progesterone and bi-est when indicated. I said, “Cindy, get off that stuff. That’s making you sick.” So, you kind of hesitated.

Cindy Camp:  I didn’t do it. I went back and I thought about it and thought about it. I thought, “Here I am in the middle of another country,” and I thought, “How am I going to do bioidentical hormones? I can’t get them. I can’t get them through customs. It was just…and then, finally, I think just not feeling as good as I know I could feel, I just decided the next summer, I’m just going to do it.

Dr. Hotze: So, Cindy came back in 1997. We got her off the Premarin and put her on natural progesterone. At that time, we put her on some bi-est because she’s making no estrogen at all. We balanced out her hormones. We also put her on some thyroid hormone, and some vitamins  and minerals, and a good, healthy eating lifestyle program. Okay, that was 1997. So, now, we’re 21 years fast-forward, here we go. How has your health been over the last 21 years?

Cindy Camp:  You know, Steve, I’m really doing well. I mean, I feel good and as I’m around women my age, I’ll be…whether it’d be church or whether be in a community, wherever I am, when I listen to their symptoms of their health that they…where they are today, I’m really doing great, you know? I really feel great. I don’t have any complaints about any of my health.

Dr. Hotze: So, on a scale of one to 10, 10 being brimming with energy, the way you feel…by the way, she was a cheerleader at the University of Houston as well as in high school, of course, and you can see why she’s got a vibrant personality. She’s got woo. You know what woo is? She’s got woo. She attracts people. She’s just wonderful. She’s a great connector and just has a wonderful, affable, warm, friendly, outgoing spirit that everybody loves and, really, she’s Dwayne’s much better half. I’m sure you knew that.

Cindy Camp:  Thank you.

Dr. Hotze: Dwayne is a great guy, but he buried up over Cindy like all smart men do.

Cindy Camp:  I love that.

Dr. Hotze: I guarantee you. I guarantee that’s the case. So, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being brimming with energy. Here you are more mature than you were 45 years ago. How’s your energy level on a scale of 1 to 10? 10 being brimming with energy, best you ever felt like when you were a cheerleader. How would you rate your energy?

Cindy Camp:  Steve, I’d say I’m maybe eight. I mean, I think I’m pretty high up there. Every time I come in for a physical or exam, I go, “Can I up my thyroid just a little bit more, just maybe even a little bit more? I love thyroid,” because I’m just enjoying my energy and I like having it, grandkids, ministry. I love having the energy.

Dr. Hotze: So, you’re on the bioidentical hormones, you’re on the progesterone, bi-est, you’re on thyroid, maybe some DHEA or some other preparations, and you’re taking vitamins and minerals.

Cindy Camp:  Oh, yes, lots of them.

Dr. Hotze: You’re, obviously, feeling healthy because she looks slim and trimmed, ladies. I guarantee you. She looks like a million dollars.

Cindy Camp:  Thank you.

Dr. Hotze: She looks just as good as she did 45 years ago, I promise you that. She just still attracts and still has that vibrant personality. So, over the last 21 years, how is your health been?

Cindy Camp:  I can’t think of the last time I had a bad cold, that I’ve had a flu. I don’t remember how long ago I’ve had a flu. I’ve been very, very determined to eat well. I’ve been very determined to take my vitamins and I want to tell you, I’m not even embarrassed to pull them out at a dinner, a formal dinner, and pull out my HotzePak, and take my vitamins. I mean, I take them regularly and take my hormones regularly. That’s right after…that’s as important to me as my quiet time with God. I mean, it really is because I feel good and I feel I have many more years to live. I want to. I have a lot of things I want to do.

Dr. Hotze: Well, this is interesting because you’ve been in the ministry and over time, you’ve seen people’s health decline. I mean, you and I…I mean, I can think about the people we know, that we’ve known over the last 45 years and some of them right now they look…this is sad.

Cindy Camp: They’re tired and sick.

Dr. Hotze: They’re sick and tired. This goes really… goes back to what is most important and that is that you do a 180 and take charge of your health like Cindy did. Cindy made a decision in 1996 that…or ’97, “I’m going to take charge of my health. Yes, I’m going to try these natural approaches to health,” and it’s made a huge difference in her life. She stayed active as long as I’ve known her. She’s my wife’s best friend. They do all kinds of things together. They travel together. They do…I wish you’d take Dwayne and I on some of these nice trips that we paid for. That would be nice. We could drag along. Dwayne and I have to go crying in our beer so to speak. We’re like, “Where are the girls now?”

Cindy Camp:  It’s for the girls. It’s for the girlfriend time.

Dr. Hotze: So, Cindy’s been a wonderful advocate. We call her an ambassador. Anybody in our practice that refers to us, refers other people…she’s referred people from all over the world because she had ministry all over the world. People would come from all over the world that Cindy has referred to us. I’m very grateful to you for your support and for sending these people because our goal is to help people obtain and maintain health and wellness naturally just like Cindy’s done.

Cindy Camp: Yeah. I thank you. Where would I be?

Dr. Hotze: Well, it’s my parameters. It’s around…Well, look, I love that. Of course my wife, Janie, has been on the same program for all these years. Janie’s a little bit older than Cindy and still going and blowing. I have 23 grandkids and I’m feeling great. So, it’s awesome. So, what would you say to someone who’s trying to mull over their head? Here’s what we find in most people that come to the Hotze Health & Wellness Center. The first thing, they begin to have symptoms in their life. They got fatigue, maybe they gained weight or they didn’t think clearly, they didn’t sleep well, they were cold, they had joint and muscle aches and pains, maybe they had abnormal bowel problems, maybe they had lost their romantic moods and inclinations, had recurring headaches, maybe they had recurrent infections. They were puffy, and in pain. They just didn’t feel good, you know?

It affected the quality of their life. That’s the second thing that happens. Once you have these symptoms as you mature, they affect the quality of your life, your work, your family life, your outdoor or your recreational life, your church life, or your social life. It just has an adverse effect and you end up going like you did to a conventional doctor, who treats your symptoms.

Cindy Camp:  I didn’t know.

Dr. Hotze: You find out that you don’t feel any better. In fact, you feel worse.

Cindy Camp: Yeah.

Dr. Hotze: End up having a hysterectomy after the doctor puts her on Premarin. It causes her to get fibroids and they do this…you kind of wonder if they don’t plan that out, did he do the…no, he would have been the natural one to do if you just stayed in town to do the hysterectomy on you, so. I hate to think that. But, anyway, so they treat you…and then you come to a point in your life, you go like, “If I keep going down the same path and doing what I’ve been doing, it’s not going to get any better.” So, people then look for an alternative. Is there some other way? And then they have to decide, are they willing to make an investment in their health? Cindy was willing to do that and Dwayne, too, made an investment in their health. They decided, “Our long-term health is important because we’re in the ministry and we don’t want to be walking around overweight, sluggish, feeling terrible, not enjoying being with people.”

Cindy Camp: Yes, yes. Well, now, my husband is semi-retired. We enjoy-

Dr. Hotze: Yeah, really, he’s…

Cindy Camp: Well, you never really retire. Anyway, we-

Dr. Hotze: I can’t tell you what he does but he’s got a huge operation, that he operates. He’s retired from the church, but he still has a ministry where he goes all over the world, Africa, India, Nepal, where Dwayne, Cindy’s husband, trains indigenous pastors how to disciple their church and how to develop skills in their church member. They’ll be able to share the Gospel of Christ with their…other people in the villages. I mean, it’s… I mean, he’s remote. As a matter of fact, so remote a couple of years back, he got malaria when he went to Africa. He comes back with malaria. Anyway, Dwayne may be retired from being at the church, but he’s got that minister and he’s got some other outside investments that he’s done. He’s done very well.

Cindy Camp: So, we are starting to do things in ministry where we can volunteer, so we go to the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, in Israel, and we volunteer…we’ll volunteer nine weeks this year. We could not do that if we were not in good health.

Dr. Hotze: Right.

Cindy Camp:  So, you’re up 6:00 to 6:00 and you really sacrificially serve. So, we’re so excited to do that and we could not do that if we’re not-

Dr. Hotze: You’ve done that how many years now?

Cindy Camp: We did it last February and we’ll do it this year, but we’d like to do it every year. We’d like to serve there.

Dr. Hotze: Right. So, tell us what you do with the Garden of the…what is it called? The Garden of the Tomb?

Cindy Camp: The Garden Tomb.

Dr. Hotze: Right.

Cindy Camp: Well, what you do is either you lead tours in for about 20 minutes, or you work in the bookstore, you sell the books there, all the books on Christ, or you do communion. And so, you fill up little olive wood cups and you serve communion to the many different groups that come, all over the world. You meet people all over the world.

Dr. Hotze: That’s just nice.

Cindy Camp: And so, we look forward to it. We have the energy to do and we go all day. It’s a lot of work and we can do it. That’s what we want to do.

Dr. Hotze: I told you, Cindy has a wonderful story. I love being around her. Everybody loves being around her because she’s brimming with energy and full of enthusiasm and that’s the way you can be. So, I want to encourage you. I know that most of you are driving down that wrong way on the Hill highway right now. I tell you what’s going to happen. You can get to an overpass, and there’s somebody can be coming down that side of the road, and you’re going to whack him, you’re going to get crippled or be killed, you know? Remember, heart attacks…people that have their first heart attack, only half the people survive. Half the people on their first heart attack die. So you don’t want to end up being crippled or being killed because you’re on the wrong side of the Hill freeway.

That’s why I encourage you to do a 180, turn around, like Cindy did and thousands…tens of thousands of our guests, we’ve only served 31,000 guests in the last 25 years. They’ve made a turn around. They’ve taken charge of their health and they’re going the right way down the health freeway. That’s what Cindy did and you can do it, too. So, if you’re interested, you can give us a call here. Talk to one of our new guest consultants at 281-698-8698. It’s 281-698-8698. This is one of our podcasts’ new YouTube videos. So, if you’re interested in seeing any of our videos, go to YouTube and type in Hotze Health.

You want to listen to podcast. We’ve got scores and scores of podcasts. Just go to podcast and type in Hotze Health or if you want to see the videos, go to Facebook at Hotze Health and we’ve got a lot of information. Our goal is to help you and partner with you to get you on a path of health and wellness naturally. We were like the health coach to Cindy. Cindy was the health athlete. She’s in the Health Olympics. We wanted her to win a gold medal, but guess what, like with any coach, the coaches can make recommendations. That’s what we do, but guess who had to do the heavy lifting, that was Cindy and she’s done it wonderful.

Now, she’s in great shape and, again, once you’re in shape, to maintain it didn’t take a lot of trouble. You eat healthy, you replenish your hormones, you take vitamins and minerals, and then you exercise. If you’ve got allergies, you can get treated for that with sublingual drops. That’s the program. It’s simple. Healthy eating lifestyle, replenishment of hormones including thyroid and sex hormones, and when indicated adrenal hormones, vitamin and mineral supplementation for detoxification and exercise. All of which will help the power plants within yourself produce more energy.

When you produce optimal energy within the mitochondria, the power plants of your cell, guess what, you feel healthy and well. When you have low energy production, you’re going to feel sluggish, and sick, and tired. Now, Cindy, is a high energy person and the energy that’s produced within your power plants in your cells is electrical energy, so Cindy’s high voltage. You know what, a lot of people have called her a live wire.

Cindy Camp: That’s true.

Dr. Hotze: Thanks so much for joining us today. Cindy, thank you so much for being with us.

Cindy Camp: Yes, thank you, Dr. Hotze.

Dr. Hotze: That’s such a wonderful story.

Cindy Camp: I enjoyed it.

Dr. Hotze: God bless you.

Cindy Camp: Thank you.

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